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Check out my quick and easy gift idea over on Creation Corner’s Handmade Christmas series today! I’m sure there are going to be some AWEsome ideas for handmade gifts. I can’t wait to get some ideas! 😀


Re-posted below:
You’ll need:
heat n bond
fabric scraps
pencil for tracing
picture to trace
fabric or hot glue
frame (not shown)
 First, we’re going to trace around your image onto the heat n bond. Make sure the image is BACKwards from how you want it to appear when you trace it. There are two sides of the heat n bond-trace onto the papery side. I use a pencil so I don’t get ink on my iron.
 Grab your fabric scrap, and lay it right side down…iron flat to get any wrinkles out.
Then place your traced piece papery side up, adhesive side down, and press with your iron on the cotton setting for about 3-4 seconds.
 let it cool off for a minute, then cut it out carefully.
 Now you have your applique!
 Take out the cardboard insert from your frame, and cut out a piece for the background, leaving about 1-2 inches around it.
 Then, center your applique, and iron it down like so, for about 12-15 seconds. (still on the cotton setting)
 Position it using your cardboard insert, then flip over and trim the corners like so.
 Glue down the sides, making sure it’s pulled snugly around the front.
 Then glue the other two sides down. Let it dry…
Pop it into your frame, and you’ve got a fun art piece! This particular one is for my mom’s sewing room.
I made this monogram by wrapping the fabric around an old canvas and stapling it to the back. These would also look great in an embroidery hoop!

So many options…and so easily customized for gifts!


  1. Simple and stunning, Jess. I love that you can dress this up in so many ways.

  2. Love it, Jess! Did you freehand the sewing machine, or did you get the image somewhere? I want to make one for myself:)

  3. Gwen-I used an image on Google to give me the shape but changed a few things. I’ll see if I can find it to scan and I can send it to anyone who would like it 🙂

  4. LOVE IT!! Added to the list!! 😀

  5. so cute! i had a similar idea on my “to do” list!

  6. Hello I love to sew. Been getting better each year! I would love the pattern of the sewing machine. If you could email me the pattern I would love it:)[email protected]
    Thanks so much Brijet

  7. Jess, I just wanted to tell you that I posted about my Sewing machine Silhouette and linked to your site.
    Here it is if you want to see how mine turned out. Thanks and Happy New Year!

  8. Anonymous says

    Please Please send me the sewing machine template. I am in the process of setting up my Sewing Room in Red & Aqua, and this is absolutely perfect! If you’d be so kind, I would love it!!
    Thank you! [email protected]

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  12. gift idea over on Creation Corner’s

  13. Did you have a file with the sewing machine graphic? I would love to make one for my girlfriend’s quilting room and of course I need one for myself!

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