DIY cookie stencil hack

I do not profess myself to be anything of a cookie expert, so please take this tutorial with a grain of salt. (or powdered sugar, if you will) I do, however, like to save money when I can! I love a good deal, and this hack was waaay cheaper than purchasing an airbrush machine and all the accoutrements it would need. Even if I do make cookies at … [Read more...]

tips for making a millenium falcon cake

I thought this cake deserved a post of it's own. amiright? Plus I have some tips on what to do/what not to do and thought I'd share them for any future millenium falcon cake enthusiasts. So. I decided on making a Millenium Falcon cake because hello?! it's the best spaceship ever. Also Han Solo is my fave character so I had to do his ship justice. … [Read more...]

unicorn horn tutorial and free template

You've seen those fun unicorn horns I made for Charlotte's unicorn/rainbow bash, right? Well here is the template and tutorial I promised! These were simple to make and I just chilled out in front of a TV show while gluing and cutting. Sadly that's my idea of a good time. ;) No, really. for these horns you'll need: glitter scrapbook paper … [Read more...]

bridal shower prep

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I've been gearing up this week for my sister's bridal shower! (ok, for quite a few weeks, haha we all know how I get with parties....) lots of fun game planning, decoration and favor making, recipe practicing, etc....I can't wait to see it all come together and to celebrate my sis and her cute … [Read more...]

strawberry and robot cookies

I love making cookies for parties! woohoo! It's like my own personal party in my kitchen. Wow, dork alert.  But seriously......I made these strawberry cookies for my best friend's daughter's strawberry shortcake party awhile ago. (who is Sadie's best friend, of course. We totally didn't pressure them into just kidding they love each … [Read more...]

the seaweed is always greener…

So first off...thank you SO much for your sweet words on Tuesday's post. I appreciate them so much! And look-I sewed something! Ok it's not ground breaking...just a little outfit for Sadie's under the sea party this weekend! (she's really excited about turning four can you tell!?) I sewed up a quick elastic waisted skirt and added a ruffled tube … [Read more...]

party planning tips

So, I feel like I've got enough parties under my belt that I can offer a few tips to the blogosphere. Just my "two cents" if you will. (I'm no pro!) Besides my party mantra "the more sugar the better",  I just adore the planning, DIY-ing, and little details that make a party really wow my guests! (and of course, the guest of honor!) So here we … [Read more...]

Wizard of Oz cupcake toppers

So my mom and sister have been rehearsing/performing in our local production of Wizard of Oz for the past months...and from what I hear, have been having a blast! My mom was in charge of the make-up which was amazing, and my sister did the cutest dance in the Emerald City scene. Their closing night was last Saturday, and my mom hired me to make … [Read more...]

a little peek…

Charlotte's second birthday is this weekend-I can hardly believe it...and we are gearing up for a cowgirl/pony party! I've been crafting my heart out for awhile now and can't wait to see it all come together. Charlotte is still in love with horses and ponies (thank goodness, lol), and though we're not having pony rides or anything, I think she'll … [Read more...]

Mary Poppins hat+spray paint storage tip

So I found the perfect black straw hat thrifting ($3), and could NOT pass it up! I mean, it's the spitting image of Mary Poppins hat, right? I knew it would be perfect for a party prop. All that remained was to add some cherries and daisies. Easy peasy, right? Only my craft store had no berries large enough, or red enough.Woe is me!My life is so … [Read more...]