here are some recent birthday gifts i've made. if you're interested, that is.first, the cards, i love sewing random scraps onto a card and calling it good. so easy and quick. i made rory's anniversary card a few months ago after i remembered right before bed that i hadn't made one yet. i hopped out of bed, picked a few scraps out, sewed them on, … [Read more...]


i bought these boring tees last year for $3 a piece i think, and decided they needed a little something, so i spruced them up a bit with some reverse applique: and some fabric rosettes. these i made with the leftover strips from my pleated neckline shirt, and just sewed them down in a rough circle. love it! of course, sadie's clothes couldn't … [Read more...]

shop til you drop

so, last night at 10:30 i got an idea. (as all good ideas start out...late at night when i should be thinking about bed)an idea for a cute shopping bag to put sadie's felt/fabric/wooden food in. for when she needs to go "shopping". of, here's what came of that idea! i used my own tote bag tutorial, only made it much smaller. added some … [Read more...]

one happy monster

ok, sorry cassy. this outfit won't be a surprise. but aren't you smiling now? i just had to share this uber cute outfit i made for my bestie cassy's baby boy, due in november. first, i scored the pants on clearance at target for $1.11. sorry to tell you the price of your gift, cass, but i thought you'd be appreciative of the score. you can't really … [Read more...]


I've been feeling crafty lately, so here are some things I've been working on... I made this owl today, inspired by this blog. Oh so cute! She also has a stuffed Easter egg tutorial that I've been using. More on that later...I've only made one! The back is the best part! I had Rory laminate these mini prints at work, punched a hole, put a ribbon … [Read more...]

New outfit!

I made this cute little skirt and onesie set for Sadie today! Simple and easy... Tomorrow we're going to one of those photo places to get some of those cheesy posed baby photos...I'm so excited! My mom is going to go with us to help out with the smiling and such. We're also getting ready for our trip down to Disneyland later this week. We're also … [Read more...]

NEW and improved pantalones

This round of pant-making went much quicker. Cut out and sewn in about 15 minutes. Of course, there are only 5 seams. lol. Hopefully the more ahem, generous cut of the bottom area will fit my little darling better. Too bad she's not awake to try them on cause I want to make more! oh well. I will have to wait til tomorrow to cut up more of Rory's … [Read more...]

I feel crafty…oh so crafty!

So yesterday I got it into my head to sew some things for the baby. I enlisted the help of my sister Janae and we decided to try making a blanket. It actually came together fairly quickly, and I sewed it up in no time. The pattern, as you can see, is pink stars, and we decided to sew around some of the stars to keep the batting from sliding around. … [Read more...]