soft color book

ok, i just figuratively arm-wrestled blogger into posting these pictures. for some reason it loaded the first three pics fine, and then wouldn’t let me do the other two. grrr. i won though. nya nya nah blogger.

i think this is my new favorite project, i seriously love looking at it! i used this tutorial. loving all the scrappy tutorials coming out of sew mama sew for their contest! i’m just sad i didn’t find out about it until too late. ๐Ÿ™ oh well.

here’s my cover…made with some linen and appliqued letters. love!

red and orange pages..

yellow and green pages…

blue and purple pages…yep, i know i need more purple fabric, apparently. that’s all i had!

sadie trying to get her hands on the book-no way, missy. this one goes in the christmas presents pile. ๐Ÿ˜€

oh, and happy halloween! pictures of our costumes later! no, i didn’t make them, but they’re still cute!


  1. I love your version of this! I will be adding it onto my to-do list…

  2. Very cute Jess! I was just thinking that I do not have any purple thread which most likely means no purple fabric!! I will have to work on that this coming year!!!

  3. I was able to see this entire post in my reader! Yay! Thanks for the change.

    Have a Happy Halloween. Can’t wait to see pics of Sadie in her homemade costume… I’m assuming her mama sewed up something super cute!

  4. Cute!

  5. What an adorable book! Thanks for sharing the link with me.

  6. Ok so cute…I’m definitely making that for max!

  7. L-O-V-E IT! Definately will be copy-catting you!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Hi again! I’ve set up a flickr group for this project and I love your photos! Please consider adding them.


  9. super cute idea! love it! xx

  10. Anonymous says

    i like it soo much..first time i see your web site..
    it is amazing..i would like to be in contact with you as a have very great ideas and wonderful way to teach..i have big family 7 kids..oldest dauther is 12years then9-7i love to sew for my daughters and teach them…but dont have time with new baby..and soo much work..,i found that you have the same hobbies which i have ..i love to do crafts sewing and quilting,but want to learn easy ways for that..thanks alot

  11. This is absolutely gorgeous. Well done, I will definitely put this on my to-try list!

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