thank you

I got the sweetest package in the mail yesterday from my super sweet bloggy friend Corey. She sent a gorgeous card, the sweetest, softest, pink hat for the baby, and a cute little big sister bracelet for Sadie. All packaged in adorable fabric bags. I was so surprised!What a wonderful gesture from someone I've never even met in real life. It just … [Read more...]

baby gift

My cousin's wife Courtenay is having a baby boy, right around the time I am! (Like, our due dates are within a week of each other) She also happens to be my sister in law Stephanie's sister. Yep, the sisters married cousins. She actually introduced my brother and Steph. ;)I don't often (ok, never, pretty much) look at boy fabric at the fabric … [Read more...]

excuse the lateness

belly shot from last week-24 weeks along. Check out how that compares with Sadie's pregnancy here.this poor baby is already a tad neglected. (bump pictures-wise) … [Read more...]

happy news

so, i guess you heard the news? har har. yep, i'm pregnant! we're way excited for this new little one, due june 24th. so the new baby and sadie will be about 22 1/2 months apart, if this one is born on time. hopefully my future kiddos will be more prompt than sadie was. (she was 11 days late) we find out the sex of the baby in the middle of … [Read more...]

Wish us luck!

I've been puttering around today, doing laundry and checking our hospital get ready for what's to come. (What is to come? No clue yet. haha) Tomorrow we're supposed to call the hospital in the morning to see if there's a room for me (better patience is gone), and then we'll start the induction process. Yikes! I'm freaking out a … [Read more...]

Baby update

So I went in for my (LAST dangnabit!) appointment today. My doctor scheduled an induction for Thursday if she hasn't come by then. She did say I was dilated to 3 now...but I haven't really had many contractions, so who knows when labor will start on it's own! I am not a very patient person, and she said we could wait til the end of next week if I … [Read more...]

Like a ticking time bomb…

That's me! Still haven't gone off yet. haha. Just been watching some Monk on TV and hanging out with the cat. Fun times! Also been taking the never ending movie quiz on Facebook. Man, that's addicting! (and mind numbing) haha. The kids left today for their Pioneer trek (Joanna, Jordan, and Janae), they're hoping the baby doesn't come while they're … [Read more...]

Poor me…

So I went to Safeway to get some groceries today, and one of the things I bought was a pack of bottled water, which I put on the bottom of my cart. Can you see where this is going? Of course, I forgot that I always forget that I put things down there and ended up leaving it in the parking lot, on my cart, after loading up the rest of the groceries. … [Read more...]


I have passed my due date officially now. woo-hoo. I think the counter says it all. Come on baby, where are you? hehe. At my doctor's appointment this morning (hopefully my last), she said I was 2 centimeters dilated now and 50% effaced. So some progress is being made. Go cervix! Sorry. haha. I am ready for this baby to come, we'll see what happens … [Read more...]

I think I’m nesting.

Because all of a sudden I just HAD to organize all of my loose recipes into binders. Even though it took me like 2 hours and I'm really tired now...there was no stopping me! I just turned on Shark Week and went to town. (which is weird also cause sharks scare me)I went to the doctor yesterday and she said I was only 1, maybe 1 1/2 centimeters … [Read more...]