pillow love

You’ve probably seen the scrappy flower pillow from Anthropologie floating around the web, right? Anyways, if you haven’t, mine looks exactly like it. har har. Well, it was a lot cheaper anyways. I hear the original pillow was like $88! YoWzAS!

I made this one for my sister Janae’s birthday. She’s quite a vivacious girl, loves her color, and the only request I’d been able to get out of her for her present was… “a pillow?”

So this is what she got!

I got the idea here, and used the idea to run with it until I got this. (I kind of love it) I REALLY REALLY tried to be random with my scraps…didn’t try to keep them in a color range or anything, like I usually do.

It’s a great project for using up scraps. I did a simple back, just an envelope style…used the trick shown here by Jill for great-fitting corners.

I was planning to sew down the petals…but I forgot/got lazy/am pregnant and will use that as an excuse for just about anything.



  1. Looks great!!
    I’ve been thinking of doing that since I saw the crafterhours project. So cute!

  2. Love it. This might be a good technique to spruce up the plain pillow covers on our couch pillows ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I love it! The randomness of the fabric makes it fun.

  4. It’s so great! I love all that color!

  5. That’s gorgeous. Great work!

  6. DId you just about die making it mix-matched?? haha! Looks like even without sewing the petals down that was a lot of work! Go preggo sewer!!

  7. I LOVE it!! Gotta try that one!!

  8. Very today!

  9. Lucky sister! I love the colors!

  10. ooh, I love this! I like it WAY better than mine! The symmetry is very appealing to me. Great job!

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