Autumn inspired Regency bonnet

I knew I wanted to trim a Regency bonnet, for sure! We were out in the sun a bit during the day and it just fit the whole look! I grabbed this bonnet, which was a great shape for the time period, maybe not super historically accurate, but still pretty close. I found all the florals to trim it at Michaels, and had so much fun placing them and … [Read more...]

YOTB dusty blue lumberjack hat

Here's the thing about this hat. Jack absolutely despises it... He was crying most of the time he wore it for pics and we only got some pictures because I gave him so many gummy bears. BUT I think he looks adorable in it and I hope that he wears it without freaking out eventually. I used Delia's adorable and free pattern, and bought the … [Read more...]

KCW: sweet polka dot baby bonnet

  The second I saw my pal Kristin pin this sweet bonnet from Purl Soho-I knew it was next on my hit sew list. I printed the free pattern off then and there and then, waited for the energy. (I've been battling a cold/bad sore throat for about a week...bleg!) Finally...I got some energy (thanks to a friend dropping off a mango smoothie! … [Read more...]

little blue bear hat

Ok, I know I've become a bit of an Oliver and S groupie....I swear I'm not a paid advertiser for them (though I would totally take that gig!)....I just am totally in love with their patterns! I've also rarely sewn things from the sewing books I do have, so the fact that this one has so many patterns I want to try is making me go a little nuts! … [Read more...]