New things in my Etsy shop!

As you all may know, every so often I get the miniature crafting bug again, and with a recent rewatch of the Harry Potter movies, I was feeling the Hogwarts vibes! So I made these mini trunks-all four houses are represented of course, and I filled them with all sorts of mini magical items! They were a blast to make and I poured my heart and soul into them! I used these Harry Potter trunks to make them, along with plenty of glue, paper, and lots of time! haha!

I have put them into my Etsy shop and wanted to share them here!

Each trunk includes:

* a mini 3d printed chocolate frog, complete with box and card.
*Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans
*bottle of Polyjuice potion
*A History of Magic
*Advanced Potion Making
*The Tales of Beedle the Bard
*Hogwarts Express ticket
*Hogwarts letter
*Quibbler magazine
*Feather quill
*Handmade felt house scarf

The trunk itself is painted by me, lined in felt, decorated with some Wizard notions, and finished off with leather trim and the Howarts logo on top!

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