little fox free cross stitch pattern and tutorial

little fox free cross stitch pattern and tutorial

Well you saw her woodland party, now for the party outfit! I had a flash of inspiration a few days before her party and created this cute fox cross stitch top! I can't wait to make more-I think enlarging the stitches gives it a fresh and modern take! PLUS, larger stitches=less stitches.... I only wish I'd made her a size 2T. She's a growing … [Read more...]

pretty in peplum polka dot dress

pretty in peplum polka dot dress \\sewn by craftiness is not optional

So psyched to be a part of the Pretty in Peplum blog tour! I couldn't wait to sew up this dress. Charlotte has a similar one from H&M and I always meant to copy it for the other girls, and then Abby went and made this awesome pattern. I've said it once, I'll say it again, I love when people do the hard work for you. ;) Anyways! We also … [Read more...]

sweet woodland birthday party

sweet woodland party

First off, a sweet Happy 2nd Birthday to my little Ava! I've always wanted to do a woodland party theme, and I figured I'd better do it while Ava still has little to no say in her party! (She likes saying puh-ple so I could have done a puh-ple party I guess. but that's just this week), woodland party it is! I also like how it kinda … [Read more...]

Just for You book blog hop: infinity scarf

I am SO excited to share this new sewing book with you today! It's called Just for You-and it is literally that-24 gorgeous and simple sewing projects you can make for yourself. we all deserve a little selfish sewing time, right? Yours truly has a project in the book-which I am psyched about! I love seeing my name in print! Especially when … [Read more...]

navy and coral Nessie

Nessie tops \\ craftiness is not optional

Not much to this top-a straight up Nessie-but the fabric in my opinion, makes it my favorite Nessie in Ava's drawers right now! You saw it on Sadie's raglan tee, but I think I love it even more by itself. There's something about aqua, coral, and navy-such a great combo. I just couldn't let the rest of that fabric go to waste. Usually after I … [Read more...]

liberty floral and striped geranium dress

pretty liberty floral and striped geranium dress

Little Ava was due for a new church dress, and I was feeling some pattern mixing coming on! I  grabbed this striped shirting (from Joann's-which I've used a few times! versatile!), and paired it with some delicate floral liberty. Which I've been hoarding for....awhile, let's just say. I decided to not let it waste away on the shelf, and I'm so … [Read more...]

DIY leather bag (and leather hide store giveaway!)

DIY leather bag (and leather hide giveaway!)

I am SO psyched to share this project with you all today! I was contacted by the Leather Hide Store about sending me a hide to work with, and of course I was in. I love using leather! (for moccs, shoes, phone cases,  accents...) They sent me a few samples and I chose my hide color from those. (Dark Gold Rush.) I wanted to make a bag with it-but … [Read more...]

5and10 designs raincoats (and giveaway!)

5and10 designs raincoats!

I'm hoping that making these raincoats won't jinx California's chance at some good rain showers this winter! We really need it. It was sprinkling while we took these pics, so I'll take that as a good sign. Cross my fingers! Cute little gals! Charlotte has a raincoat that my best friend thrifted for us (pictured below), but the other two … [Read more...]

Halloween & vampire FREE printable!

vampire fang printable

I have a quick and fun little thingybob to hand out to friends or trick or treaters, if you're anti-candy. :) I grabbed these vamp fangs at the dollar store, printed out my FREE PRINTABLE, and washi taped them on. DONE-ZO! Is this the shortest post I've ever written? … [Read more...]

fat quarter shop $50 giveaway!


moon convoy ||  birch trees batik || roots & wings blue coral dot || utopia || cupcakes || beacon || pastille block urban sprawl || flamingos || dreamlandia white waves I am loving the fun fabrics over at Fat Quarter Shop! The flamingos? Charlotte would love those. She once called a plastic flamingo a "pink goose". heheee. Anyways. I … [Read more...]