tootsie roll Valentine FREE printable

tootsie roll Valentine FREE printable!

Happy Valentines Day, toots! "tuts", not tOOOts, like Rory pronounced it. That's what I get for being punny. har har. I grabbed some  4x6 bags, purchased a bunch of fruity tootsie rolls, (affiliate links) and bagged them up! (FYI: 3 lbs made about 27 valentines, and there were 7-8 in each little bag) then, print up these FREE printable … [Read more...]

easy and healthy DIY valentine-with FREE printable

easy and healthy DIY valentines-with FREE printable! So easy-just staple the tag onto a bag of Annie's bunny snacks!

Just wanted to pop in and share this super quick and easy Valentine idea! My girls go through these bunny snacks SO quickly. (they're Annies brand-here is where I get them,(affiliate links) and I think Costco has them too) I thought they'd be a great Valentine idea-they're cute, healthy, YUMMY, and easy to assemble. (you could totally use their … [Read more...]

Nessie circus top

Nessie circus top

You are probably thinking to  yourself...she's calling this a Nessie top? hmm it's missing a certain hemline....well you would be right! I used my Nessie pattern for this top, I basically slimmed down the sides and evened up the hem for a basic tee! #versatalitybaby I used this amazing circus fabric I had gotten from Amanda's shop last year … [Read more...]

floral & horsie nessie tops

floral & horsie nessie tops

so here are a few more of the tops I mentioned in my last post! I love to make a few simple long sleeved Nessie tops when it gets chilly (chilly for california that is....ha), and so I cut into this lovely floral knit from Girl Charlee...again for Miss C! She loved doing a photo shoot all by herself. and...getting all the chocolate to herself … [Read more...]

peplum tops in navy and white

bicycle peplum top-craftiness is not optional

I had a marathon sewing session earlier in the week-I cut out a ton of tops and then sat down and sweat shopped my way through the stack! Mostly for Charlotte, to her delight. First up: this ADORABLE want-to-steal-it-for-myself bicycle print peplum top. Fabric is from the Imagine Gnats shop, and it's a fantastic knit. (I have a ton more fabric … [Read more...]

easy DIY paint organizer

easy DIY paint organizer

I really want to whip my sewing/craft room into shape this year. I've been working on it for awhile, getting more organized and weeding out the stuff I don't use, but this year I really would love to paint the walls, and maybe a new table for my sewing machines, since I'm still sewing on a folding table, lol. And it shakes when I really get going. … [Read more...]

Best of 2014 round up!


I always have a great time looking back over a year of blogging-it's nice having proof that I did something.  ha! See previous round ups here:     2011     2012     2013 Here are some of my favorites posts and things I made/did this year! leather bag-I use this CONSTANTLY and my sister asked me the other day where I got it. After I socked her … [Read more...]

Charlotte’s 5&10 colorblock dress

And now for the last of the bunch! Charlotte's Christmas dress! I used some soft as a baby's bum Nani Iro for the main fabric, then white cotton for the colorblock accents. This is, of course, the amazing colorblock dress from our 5&10 Designs e-book! My dear friend Delia designed it and I have made it before in a size 4T for Sadie (that … [Read more...]

Sadie’s floral franklin christmas dress

Sadie's floral franklin christmas dress

I went back and forth on Sadie and Charlotte's dress fabrics this year-but in the end I went with what I had picked out a few months back, this cute floral fabric. (well, that's as close as I could find on Fabricworm where I got it!) the red flowers reminded me of poinsettias and the minty blue accents were too sweet. I paired it with some Dear … [Read more...]

Ava’s 5&10 Christmas dress

Ava's 5&10 Designs cherry red Christmas dress

I've been working on the girls Christmas dresses and am finally DONE! You may have seen a sneak peek or two over on Instagram, but not Ava's dress yet! Sooo here it is! I used our good and trusty pattern from the 5 & 10 Designs Vol. 1-size 2T. I love it in this fancy fabric! Does it look familiar? ha ha. I used the rest of the fabric for … [Read more...]