Elsa frozen costume

DIY Elsa costume \\ craftiness is not optional

So I mentioned that Sadie called being Elsa for Halloween, right? It was mainly because she already had the dress. Oh and yes she's obsessed with Elsa just like almost every little girl in America. When we headed up to visit Kristin in May, it happened to coincide with Em's birthday, which was Frozen themed! So I had to make Sadie a dress to … [Read more...]

olaf costume

cute DIY olaf costume

You've already seen Anna.... so the second part of the Frozen gang is, of course, Olaf the snowman! (er, snowtoddler) Sadie and Charlotte were insistent that Ava be Olaf for Halloween, and since she's not even 2, of course she was game. the first time I put it on her she freaked out actually, didn't like it at all. the second time, luckily, she … [Read more...]

Anna from frozen-halloween costume

So my kids are being super duper original. They are going as Frozen characters. I know, I know. However did we come up with the idea? ahem. warning: tons of pics ahead. So, Miss C is obviously...Anna! Sadie claimed Elsa way back in May when I made her dress (which I need to post still). Ava is probably going to be Olaf. The fabrics are … [Read more...]

bento lunch ideas

Yes, I'm still doing bentos! They've gotten a bit less complex as I go, but I'm still loving the cute boxes, picks, containers, and the fact that my kids usually eat most of it! These usually take me about 15-20 minutes to make in the mornings, depending on whether the kids have opinions on what they are having that day, or if Ava scavenges her … [Read more...]

gathered nessie pattern hack

I love this pattern hack I did the other week-using the Nessie top pattern, I made this swingy gathered top for little Miss Ava! It was SO easy to do, and I'll show you how below. But first, feast your eyes on way too many pics of Ava. Hey, my blog, my amount of pics.   Plus, this fabric. swoon. I don't know where it's from, but it's … [Read more...]

more little zippy tops

More little zippys! I warned you they were coming. You know me, I find a good pattern I like and I make a meellion of them. Sigh. It's a sickness. :D I knew I was going to make something for Sadie out of this mustang fabric-I love it enough that I want it to last through all 3 girls if possible. So there you go. Mustang Zippy! with navy … [Read more...]

5&10 Designs swing coat look #8

5&10 Designs swing coat look #8 \\ craftiness is not optional

  My second look for 5&10 Designs is this fun swing coat-with a peacoat style that looks cute with the flaps lowered, or buttoned up! I love the little flair of the side pieces, and the top stitching of course...it's all in those details! speaking of which, thanks to a patient Rory who spent part of date night at Joanns with me … [Read more...]

5&10 designs shawl cardigan look #2


  So excited to show you my first 5&10 outerwear look more in depth-it's one of my favorite things I've made! (and wouldn't it be cute in a grown up version!?) This look is a shawl collar cardigan with 3/4 length sleeves and an adorable tie to add some shape and fun! I made mine in knit and I LOVE the coziness that it offers my … [Read more...]

5 and 10 designs new outerwear e-book

Sales Graphic

I am so excited to finally share this with you! 5&10 Designs is releasing it's second e-book-and it's all about outerwear! (the first was dresses, click here to see that one!) It's a collaboration between an amazing group of talented ladies: Stef, Jessica, Delia, Heidi, and I. It's got a cardigan, trench coat, ruffles, vests, casual, and … [Read more...]

batch of little zippy tops for Ava

batch of little zippy tops for Ava \\ craftiness is not optional

Ava is moving up into 24 mo & 2T clothing! Which is exciting because I get to sew her some new stuff up! Fun Fact: I get tired of seeing some things I have made over and over again on the older girls. I LOVE changing up their wardrobes often, and gave a TON of their old (I'll be honest, some barely worn) clothes to my sister in law who was … [Read more...]