Durathon Iron review and giveaway

Durathon Iron review || hamilton Beach || craftiness is not optional

Hey, all. I'm pretty sure most of you have irons. Right? If not for starched crisp shirts, then for sewing. (As an aside, Rory would like to know what a starched, crisp shirt is) The lovely folks over at Hamilton Beach sent me their new Durathon iron to try out! It's pretty fantastic!   The steam feature is unrelenting  (which I looove. I steam … [Read more...]

Charlotte’s plaid lizzy dress

plaid lizzy dress

Yay! one more Easter dress down, one to go! I'm waiting on some very special fabric for that one, hope it comes in time!  So let's talk about this one, shall we? I guess Charlotte got one more thing made for her during Kids Clothes Week! I grabbed this lightweight plaid fabric from Hancocks (same time I got Sadie's swiss dot), and thought it would … [Read more...]

KCW: more Nessies

  We can never have too many Nessie tops around this house-I love it as a basic tee, and with the variations too! After Amanda from Kitschycoo was sweet enough to send me some of the incredible fabric from her shop, I knew it was destined for greatness. Ok, cheesy yes, but seriously. This fabric deserved to be showcased! DEERS! This fabric … [Read more...]

KCW: sweet polka dot baby bonnet

sweet  polka dot baby bonnet

  The second I saw my pal Kristin pin this sweet bonnet from Purl Soho-I knew it was next on my hit sew list. I printed the free pattern off then and there and then, waited for the energy. (I've been battling a cold/bad sore throat for about a week...bleg!) Finally...I got some energy (thanks to a friend dropping off a mango smoothie! … [Read more...]

KCW: solid bateau tops

solid bateau tops

  This is one of those projects I thought would be a good idea. "just whip up some solid colored tees to build up Sadie's wardrobe" I said to myself. Self, next time just buy solid tees. Seriously these actually weren't too bad, but since I wasn't customizing them or anything, they were a  bit boring to sew up...just repetitive I guess. But … [Read more...]

KCW: twirly twirly circle skirts

After making the Georgia twirl dress for Sadie, she requested more "twirly twirly" skirts. And since her requests shall be granted if they are 1. Easy 2. Fast 3. It's Kids Clothes Week and 4. She asks.... ....I made her some. Such a pushover, I know. These are SOOO quick though that they almost sew themselves. You could try leaving them … [Read more...]

KCW: Swiss dot Georgia twirl dress

First item of Kids Clothes Week finished! Sadie's Easter dress is done. hip hip hooray! what a relief! It's good to get that off my to do list. Oh wait. I have two more to go..... Better get a-sewin'. I made Shauna's Georgia Twirl dress  and I am in love. I always love me a good circle skirt, yet I always forget they are an option with … [Read more...]

“Z” is for zipper, zebra, and zig zag

"Z" is for zipper, zebra, and zig zag

First off, I am SO psyched to be a part of Katy's Sew All 26 series! I love all her ideas for series, and I adore having a theme to work with. (read: Project Run and Play) I immediately signed up for the letter Z when she first emailed me. For two reasons-it was at the end, and I have been a bit of a procrastinator always lately. Secondly-I had … [Read more...]

mint and coral geranium dress

mint and coral geranium dress

Little Miss Sadie has been in need of some new church dresses-she keeps growing straight out of them! (these days, they go straight to Charlotte-those two have the same waist & chest measurements!) So I settled in for some Sunday sewing and made Rae's Geranium dress, for the umpteenth time. Click here to see all the Geraniums I've made! it's … [Read more...]

Southern Fabric $50 giveaway

southern fabric giveaway

Hey everyone! Got a great giveaway from Southern Fabrics today! $50 to their online shop-I dare you not to find something adorable! I'm loving the florals, FOXES, and subtle, small patterned neutrals. What's your fave? Make sure to hop over and "peruse the moichandise." (name that movie!) then come back and enter to win below! a … [Read more...]