han solo hemlock tee


the old school star wars films are my favorites. we grew up having marathons as a family-all spread out on the floor, eating popcorn. Han was always my favorite guy-that scoundrel! I loved the romance between he and Leia...he's such a scruffy-looking nerf herder but you can't help love him. I even dressed up as him one year for Halloween! So … [Read more...]

fox in sock….puppets for Books Alive


If you have kids (or even if not!) you've probably read a few Dr. Suess books. Or many of them...we have a whole stack of them! (I prefer the board books, honestly...they're shorter haha! I'm not much of an "out loud" reader) Anyways, the rhyming words of Fox In Socks has always made my girls giggle, so I knew my book for Books Alive had to be … [Read more...]

yellow and chambray norah dress

Once again, Ava was in "need" (I was bored with the hand me downs in her closet) of a new dress-and I had a yard of this gorgeous new fabric from the Arizona line that was burning a hole through my fabric shelf. I paired it with some chambray (same fabric as these shorts) and tada! Her hair is getting long!! I sewed up a 2T size of the Norah … [Read more...]

DIY vintage star wars tee (TAP paper how to)

DIY vintage star wars tee

We are Disney-bound soon. (we love us some Disneyland!) anywho-since Ava and Rory had star wars tees, and then Charlotte got one for her birthday from a friend who knew how much I loved them....Sadie and I just had to join the fray and get some star wars shirts! The bummer thing is, there aren't a lot of cute girl star wars tees. especially for … [Read more...]

flutter sleeve dresses

So Ava needs some new dresses-the hand me downs she has are either getting small, kinda worn out since they've been through two girls already, or, I'm sick of looking at them. haha! probably more of the latter going on if I'm being honest. Who doesn't like something fresh and new to wear once in awhile? It's good for ya. So I wanted to make … [Read more...]

cute and quirky playroom makeover

cute and quirky playroom makeover by craftiness is not optional

I finally am ready to share the playroom makeover with you all! I am so excited about it-it's my new favorite room to hang out in, which is handy, cause the kids kinda like it too. What are the ODDS? I wanted it to be cute and quirky-playful, of course, with a touch of elegance. I had some quirks I had to work with, as this is an add-on sunroom, … [Read more...]

cosi swimsuits galore

cosi swimsuits || sewn by craftiness is not optional

  I am so excited to share these swimsuits with you today...as part of the awesome Cosi swimsuit tour! you may have seen these around blogland already... If you haven't, and have ever thought about sewing a swimsuit, get this pattern, and then sew one! just do it! She's got a 15% discount with code: COSITOUR15 it's actually quite simple, and … [Read more...]

101+ easy birthday gift ideas and FREE printables!

buckets of fun birthday gift idea and free printable  craftiness is not optional

I'm excited to share today 101+ Birthday Gift Ideas for your Friends! I am joining forces with Kristen Duke in her Birthday Celebration Week along with over 100 talented bloggers sharing lots of inexpensive ideas and free printables! I was all for thinking of fun, inexpensive gifts you could have on hand for a friends birthday. All week long, … [Read more...]

bari j bianca top

bianca top || sewn by craftiness is not optional

On my quest to sew ALL THE THINGS for myself, the Bianca was in my sights-it looked flattering, and fun to sew. And guess what? it is, and was. I chose some lovely Bari J voile (from Fabricworm) which was amazing to sew with! buttery soft but still pretty sturdy. and what a gorgeous print! I love that it's like a grown up floral. it's like … [Read more...]

fourth of july circle skirts

fourth of july circle skirts

Happy Fourth of July to all the Americans out there! Hope you have a safe and awesome holiday! This year I actually remembered to get something together for the girls to wear...(and lately I'm into them matching...what?!) so they got easy peasy circle skirts-out of knit, so no hemming! They literally took about 15 minutes to make, … [Read more...]