DIY leather bag (and leather hide store giveaway!)

DIY leather bag (and leather hide giveaway!)

I am SO psyched to share this project with you all today! I was contacted by the Leather Hide Store about sending me a hide to work with, and of course I was in. I love using leather! (for moccs, shoes, phone cases,  accents...) They sent me a few samples and I chose my hide color from those. (Dark Gold Rush.) I wanted to make a bag with it-but … [Read more...]

5and10 designs raincoats (and giveaway!)

5and10 designs raincoats!

I'm hoping that making these raincoats won't jinx California's chance at some good rain showers this winter! We really need it. It was sprinkling while we took these pics, so I'll take that as a good sign. Cross my fingers! Cute little gals! Charlotte has a raincoat that my best friend thrifted for us (pictured below), but the other two … [Read more...]

Halloween & vampire FREE printable!

vampire fang printable

I have a quick and fun little thingybob to hand out to friends or trick or treaters, if you're anti-candy. :) I grabbed these vamp fangs at the dollar store, printed out my FREE PRINTABLE, and washi taped them on. DONE-ZO! Is this the shortest post I've ever written? … [Read more...]

fat quarter shop $50 giveaway!


moon convoy ||  birch trees batik || roots & wings blue coral dot || utopia || cupcakes || beacon || pastille block urban sprawl || flamingos || dreamlandia white waves I am loving the fun fabrics over at Fat Quarter Shop! The flamingos? Charlotte would love those. She once called a plastic flamingo a "pink goose". heheee. Anyways. I … [Read more...]

KCW: Nessie & go to leggings

KCW: Nessie & go to leggings

I guess this is one of my all-time favorite pattern pairings for an easy to sew, comfy outfit for my girls! How many have I made? one two three plus countless other Nessie and legging pairings my girls have worn. It's practically their uniform. For this fall season, I chose some warmer colors and mixed some patterns! I feel like kids look … [Read more...]

Elsa frozen costume

DIY Elsa costume \\ craftiness is not optional

So I mentioned that Sadie called being Elsa for Halloween, right? It was mainly because she already had the dress. Oh and yes she's obsessed with Elsa just like almost every little girl in America. When we headed up to visit Kristin in May, it happened to coincide with Em's birthday, which was Frozen themed! So I had to make Sadie a dress to … [Read more...]

olaf costume

cute DIY olaf costume

You've already seen Anna.... so the second part of the Frozen gang is, of course, Olaf the snowman! (er, snowtoddler) Sadie and Charlotte were insistent that Ava be Olaf for Halloween, and since she's not even 2, of course she was game. the first time I put it on her she freaked out actually, didn't like it at all. the second time, luckily, she … [Read more...]

Anna from frozen-halloween costume

So my kids are being super duper original. They are going as Frozen characters. I know, I know. However did we come up with the idea? ahem. warning: tons of pics ahead. So, Miss C is obviously...Anna! Sadie claimed Elsa way back in May when I made her dress (which I need to post still). Ava is probably going to be Olaf. The fabrics are … [Read more...]

bento lunch ideas

Yes, I'm still doing bentos! They've gotten a bit less complex as I go, but I'm still loving the cute boxes, picks, containers, and the fact that my kids usually eat most of it! These usually take me about 15-20 minutes to make in the mornings, depending on whether the kids have opinions on what they are having that day, or if Ava scavenges her … [Read more...]

gathered nessie pattern hack

I love this pattern hack I did the other week-using the Nessie top pattern, I made this swingy gathered top for little Miss Ava! It was SO easy to do, and I'll show you how below. But first, feast your eyes on way too many pics of Ava. Hey, my blog, my amount of pics.   Plus, this fabric. swoon. I don't know where it's from, but it's … [Read more...]