glass onion floral top

glass onion floral top \\ craftiness is not optional

the second I saw Shauna's new adorable pattern in my feed, I knew I had to make one! (or more..we'll see ;) She graciously sent over the pattern, and I cut out one for Ava-I thought she could use a new top and the blog was a little Ava-dry lately anyways. lol. Then it sat on my cutting table while I had a little sewing dry spell. Wasn't in the … [Read more...]

Pediatric Cancer awareness month

I'll get back to sewing later this week....I have an important thing to talk about today though... September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. We NEED to be more aware. You may remember my post about Jennifer. (LOVE4JLK) writing this post has me in tears again. It's been half a year since she passed away. Sadie and I talk about her … [Read more...]

lulu top hack (mini tutorial)

lulu top hack \\ craftiness is not optional

I was lazing sitting around in my sewing room one day thinking about my next project and spotted this thrifted turtleneck shirt that I have had for years...I always loved the pattern but for some reason never cut it up to make anything. WELL, that was about to end! I had my Lulu pattern printed off and on my cutting table, so I quickly sewed up … [Read more...]

cotton and steel dress

I (like most of blogland) am in love with the new Cotton and Steel fabric. I had to get my hands on some-and then of course it was burning a hole in my shelf...I don't even think it made it on my shelf, actually.... I also had a copy of the Fawn Lily dress pattern calling to me... fate. I think fate worked out just dandy! this little miss … [Read more...]

frozen birthday party

frozen party

Sadie has preeetty much had her 6th birthday party theme picked out since we saw the movie Frozen last December. You may have heard of it...lil Disney hit? popular with kids? totally sing-able songs? ha ha ha. It was a super fun party to plan-but I am glad to have my summer parties out of the way! Her invite! Designed it myself-I love the … [Read more...]

gold feathered Nessie top-made with my new silhouette cameo!

I have a new baby guys! Ok, a totally electronic baby, but it's so awesome and makes goo goo ga ga sounds. just kiddin. The lovely folks over at Silhouette send me a Cameo to play with, and having had the SD for years, I knew I'd be a fan. aaaand...I am. I'll admit I was a little intimidated and it didn't come out of the box for a little while, … [Read more...]

coral triangles and chambray Lulu dress

I know I say this a lot....Sadie seriously seems to sprout up out of her clothes quite regularly. Especially dresses! She was in need of a few play dresses, so I whipped up this Lulu that I've been wanting to make ever since seeing this Lulu one of my amazing testers, The Graceful Rose, made. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, … [Read more...]

a tiger & floral tee plus a yellow skirt

I've been beefing up Sadie's wardrobe for first grade-just filling in some gaps and sewing up some basics. We went back to school shopping the other day and I felt SO guilty buying some of her clothes. weird right? I guess I felt like I should make EVERYTHING they wear since I sew. But really, clothing 3 girls...doesn't that make you want to … [Read more...]

arizona full gathered skirt

arizona full gathered skirt \\ craftiness is not optional

In trying to dress for my shape (ie, rectangular with no curves), I decided I needed more full, gathered skirts in my wardrobe. I love wearing pencil skirts but they don't do much for me. I had some gorgeous Arizona fabric sitting on my shelf so I made myself a (fairly quick) gathered skirt using this tutorial. I did the waistband differently … [Read more...]

mixed fabric Nessie top

mixed fabric Nessie top \\ craftiness is not optional

I've been wanting to make a top like this for ages-I'm not quite sure what held me up...and I'm kinda perturbed with myself for not making one sooner-it's such a fun look! My Nessie top is perfect for this- the hi-lo hem really gets shown off! I also used a woven for the back part! It's from Joanns-a long time ago, some kind of rayon I think. I … [Read more...]