KCW: Nessie & go to leggings

I guess this is one of my all-time favorite pattern pairings for an easy to sew, comfy outfit for my girls! How many have I made? one two three plus countless other Nessie and legging pairings my girls have worn. It's practically their uniform. For this fall season, I chose some warmer colors and mixed some patterns! I feel like kids look … [Read more...]

gathered nessie pattern hack

I love this pattern hack I did the other week-using the Nessie top pattern, I made this swingy gathered top for little Miss Ava! It was SO easy to do, and I'll show you how below. But first, feast your eyes on way too many pics of Ava. Hey, my blog, my amount of pics.   Plus, this fabric. swoon. I don't know where it's from, but it's … [Read more...]

more little zippy tops

More little zippys! I warned you they were coming. You know me, I find a good pattern I like and I make a meellion of them. Sigh. It's a sickness. :D I knew I was going to make something for Sadie out of this mustang fabric-I love it enough that I want it to last through all 3 girls if possible. So there you go. Mustang Zippy! with navy … [Read more...]

batch of little zippy tops for Ava

Ava is moving up into 24 mo & 2T clothing! Which is exciting because I get to sew her some new stuff up! Fun Fact: I get tired of seeing some things I have made over and over again on the older girls. I LOVE changing up their wardrobes often, and gave a TON of their old (I'll be honest, some barely worn) clothes to my sister in law who was … [Read more...]

floral coral raglan tee

I love raglan tees. Not only are the sleeves SO easy (straight lines? I got this), but they allow for some cute pattern mixing or color blocking. And you know when a fabric combo just jumps out at you and you HAVE to sew it up right then and there? Well that's what happened here. I was actually saving this fabric to make myself a top someday, but … [Read more...]

glass onion floral top

the second I saw Shauna's new adorable pattern in my feed, I knew I had to make one! (or more..we'll see ;) She graciously sent over the pattern, and I cut out one for Ava-I thought she could use a new top and the blog was a little Ava-dry lately anyways. lol. Then it sat on my cutting table while I had a little sewing dry spell. Wasn't in the … [Read more...]

lulu top hack (mini tutorial)

I was lazing sitting around in my sewing room one day thinking about my next project and spotted this thrifted turtleneck shirt that I have had for years...I always loved the pattern but for some reason never cut it up to make anything. WELL, that was about to end! I had my Lulu pattern printed off and on my cutting table, so I quickly sewed up … [Read more...]

gold feathered Nessie top-made with my new silhouette cameo!

I have a new baby guys! Ok, a totally electronic baby, but it's so awesome and makes goo goo ga ga sounds. just kiddin. The lovely folks over at Silhouette send me a Cameo to play with, and having had the SD for years, I knew I'd be a fan. aaaand...I am. I'll admit I was a little intimidated and it didn't come out of the box for a little while, … [Read more...]

a tiger & floral tee plus a yellow skirt

I've been beefing up Sadie's wardrobe for first grade-just filling in some gaps and sewing up some basics. We went back to school shopping the other day and I felt SO guilty buying some of her clothes. weird right? I guess I felt like I should make EVERYTHING they wear since I sew. But really, clothing 3 girls...doesn't that make you want to … [Read more...]

mixed fabric Nessie top

I've been wanting to make a top like this for ages-I'm not quite sure what held me up...and I'm kinda perturbed with myself for not making one sooner-it's such a fun look! My Nessie top is perfect for this- the hi-lo hem really gets shown off! I also used a woven for the back part! It's from Joanns-a long time ago, some kind of rayon I think. I … [Read more...]