more little zippy tops

More little zippys! I warned you they were coming. You know me, I find a good pattern I like and I make a meellion of them. Sigh. It's a sickness. :D I knew I was going to make something for Sadie out of this mustang fabric-I love it enough that I want it to last through all 3 girls if possible. So there you go. Mustang Zippy! with navy … [Read more...]

Lulu tester pics

Ok  just let me babble for a minute about my awesome testers, will ya? They went above and beyond, and sewed up the most gorgeous Lulus in the process! (they have some darn cute kids too) I appreciate every single one of them and their feedback and insights. BIG virtual HUG to you all! Now go check out their gorgeous … [Read more...]

Nessie top tester round up

I had some amazing testers for my Nessie top-and just wanted to show them off here! They chose some awesome fabrics and combinations, right? Hopefully this gives you an idea of the possibilities you can make with the Nessie pattern! sewn by my pal Kristin sewn by Rebecca sewn by Cameron sewn by my BFF Cassy Sewn by my friend … [Read more...]

Junebug dress pattern testers

I couldn't have finished the Junebug pattern without the help of these lovely ladies who pattern tested for me! They made some amazing Junebugs and their feedback was fantastic also. Thanks so much, ladies! And in no particular order, here they are! CailaMan oh man I want to make one in some nani iro now too!  CharityI love it in a tunic! … [Read more...]