cute and quirky playroom makeover

I finally am ready to share the playroom makeover with you all! I am so excited about it-it's my new favorite room to hang out in, which is handy, cause the kids kinda like it too. What are the ODDS? I wanted it to be cute and quirky-playful, of course, with a touch of elegance. I had some quirks I had to work with, as this is an add-on sunroom, … [Read more...]

play kitchen canisters-trash to treasure

So, did anyone guess that this was my project? I thought it might be blatantly obvious, seeing how obsessed I am with felt food and Sadie's kitchen. I do love me a good pretend nibble. So here's how I made out! Two pictures ahead. Yes, only two. It's pretty self explanatory...and hard to take pictures of yourself painting. So … [Read more...]

55 cents

So, I told you I had plans for that alphabet book, right? I decided to make a little banner for the playroom out of the pages, since the binding was trashed.I ripped them out, hung up two nails, tied some twine to them, added some mini clothespins and the pages, and Tada! (or Duh-Dah! as Sadie says), I had a fun little decoration for the playroom!I … [Read more...]

play kitchen materials

sooo, you want the rundown?here's where i got everything...and as good a price list as i can do....i'll break it down as best i best as i can remember, at least! (i'm horrible at saving receipts!) lumber- 2 4'x8' pieces of 3/4 inch plywood-$70 flourescent light-$10 light box and switch-$4? (dad?) wood for … [Read more...]

play kitchen=DONE!

we finished the kitchen with time to spare...alright, christmas eve afternoon. so not much time to spare, but it was done, anyways. here it is! in all it's painted, handled, glory! here, please notice (and make a big deal out of for my dad's sake, hehe), the light behind the window, oops, i mean the sun shining on our mountain/lake … [Read more...]

kitchen progress

this is what you last saw......obviously we (me, I) started painting!what do you think? most of the painting is done! woo hoo! just the oven left. we're painting it silver. can i just say, i adore the stripes? i actually hopped up and down with excitement after pulling the tape off. ha ha. i should have taken pictures of that, and the handy little … [Read more...]

as of this morning…

...this is what we have! me and my dad are a lot alike. we tend to obsess over projects until they are done. hence, we have worked on this kitchen 7.5 hours since yesterday morning. hah hah. wow. we are crazy or something. case in point: my dad came up with this clever idea to light up the window (and outdoorsy picture i plan to put up behind it), … [Read more...]

getting there…

my dad called me this morning. "I have a few hours, want to come over and work on the kitchen?""can mom watch sadie? yes? i'm there!"so this is what we got done. it's going pretty quickly! obviously, on the right is the fridge/freezer, and on the left is the oven, in the middle will be the sink, with a cabinet underneath. i plan to make a window … [Read more...]


it may not look like much, but here is the start of sadie's play kitchen! my dad was awesome enough to help me cut and measure and attach wood together this afternoon until we got this! it may not look like much, but i'm soo excited to have this project started. hopefully we can work on it again it can be done for christmas! i'll keep ya … [Read more...]