play kitchen canisters-trash to treasure

So, did anyone guess that this was my project? I thought it might be blatantly obvious, seeing how obsessed I am with felt food and Sadie’s kitchen. I do love me a good pretend nibble. So here’s how I made them…watch out! Two pictures ahead. Yes, only two. It’s pretty self explanatory…and hard to take pictures of yourself painting.
So first I filled in the holes on the tops of my salt and pepper shakers (found thrifting!) with some wood putty stuff, let that dry, and then sanded the whole thing with some fine grit sand paper.
I used my trusty Gorilla glue to glue on some “doll heads” (creepy) from Michaels that I had lying around. Not for any dolls, don’t worry. They were rejects from this project.
Next I sprayed them with a few coats of primer, then a few coats of glossy white.
Let that dry for a day or two and then taped off the “lids” and sprayed them a glossy red.
Then I got some craft paint and painted the little aqua line around the top, the letters, and flowers (with the end of my paintbrush) I then sprayed a couple coats of clear acrylic sealer, and let Sadie at ’em!
The sugar is my favorite.
They look right at home on the kitchen shelf, don’t they? (poor Mr. Flour only fits in the fridge)
I just LOve how they turned out!
and now for a hilarious Monkey See, Monkey Do moment….

Sadie, arranging the canisters just so….and then snapping pics with her play camera.
Hmmm…wonder who she learned that from?
and yes, she does have a big head, though her hair is poofing out a lot in this pic.

Also, thus ends Tie One On Me Week! I had a blast seeing and sharing aprons with you! Make sure to enter those apron pattern giveaways! They’ll be open until Sunday night! Good luck. πŸ˜€

Make sure you check out the giveaways over on Kalleen’s blog too!



  2. I totally picked that as your project! LOL They came out so cute! I bet Sadie and Charlotte will treasure them for many, many years to come! I love how Sadie is also taking pictures like that! My kids do the same thing! LOL I guess it is bound to happen!

    Such fun! I love the little kitchen set up too. I wish we had room for things like that here. My girls usually end up making things up anyway…a stray box can be a wonderful thing sometimes!

  3. WOW. What a transformation. These are really beautiful.

  4. I guessed right! And I voted for them too. Not just because I thought they were yours, but because I thought they were AWESOME!!! They really are. And cute. And perfect for little chefs.

  5. that lil’ kitchen is the most adorable thing i’ve ever seen!!! i would of loved to have something like this when i was a baby-chick… you always have great ideas! love, Jello

  6. I wondered if that was yours. I guess I should have known since I voted for it and thought it was the cutest! Way to go girl! That kitchen is cute enough it makes ME want to cook…that’s saying a lot!

  7. Woo-hoo! I guessed right! It was my favorite project up there too. I actually realllly want a set for my grown-up kitchen πŸ™‚

  8. GREAT project!! Congrats on making it to week 2!

  9. These turned out so cute! The best part is the blogger in training. πŸ™‚

  10. That is such a cute kitchen. The canisters totally complete it!! I love the whimsical handwriting in silver!!!

  11. These are perfect for Sadie’s kitchen. I’m dying over the picture of Sadie taking pictures!!!!

  12. Those are absolutely adorable!!!!

  13. OK, now those are stinkin cuteness in person, and forget the play part, I want them in my grown up kitchen… stinkin cute!

  14. Those are so cute!! I LOVE her kitchen too!!

  15. Oh my gosh Jess. I thought they were cute before but seeing them on the shelf in her kitchen… it melted my heart. so so cute.

  16. I am new to your site, and LOVE it! Can you tell me about your kitchen? Or do you have another link to it? I would love to see how you made it! Thanks so much~

  17. These are so cute!!! Great job! And I don’t even think your daughter looks like she has a big head:).

  18. I knew it was you! Love them Jess. They look so perfect on the little shelf. Great color combo with the red/white/aqua. I catch my daughter doing the same thing with her play camera, too:)

  19. These canisters are awesome! I love the simple, classic design. And I’m still totally in love with your play kitchen. If you ever get the itch to make another, feel free to send it my way. πŸ™‚

    And that’s totally funny that Sadie was having her own little photo shoot. The other day when some of Olivia’s friends were over she got the camera (without me noticing) and started “taking pictures” of her friends playing. She didn’t actually get it on, but it was pretty cute to see her try. I think a play camera is a better idea though. πŸ™‚

  20. They are stinkin’ adorable…you may have just added more to my to do list daughter’s birthday! πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for sharing! Happy Friday

  21. So cute! My son does the same thing with his camera (he’s 5) – except it’s a real camera. I love looking at his photos of toys lined up, his lunch, or random photos of his sister.

  22. FAB! I give Ginny empty containers from my own kitchen to play with in hers, but she peels the labels off of them and makes a huge mess. These are SO much cuter! Thanks for giving me something else to hunt for at Goodwill! πŸ™‚

  23. So darling! Love those colors!

  24. I KNEW THIS WAS YOU!! LOVE it, totally voted for it! πŸ˜€ Yeah, if you see any more of those wooden canisters, send them my way!! LOL! So adoreable!

  25. so super cute!!! love them!

  26. They look gorgeous!! Gosh you are talented!! Your little girl must love playing in her little kitchen – what lovely memories she is going to have of her super crafty childhood!! Suz

  27. Your play kitchen is incredible. At first glance, it looks life-size and so realistic. Good work!

  28. I love the Canisters! Great job! You need one more though..It should say “Mad Money” πŸ™‚

  29. Hi. I know this is an old post buy where did you get the canisters to paint? Or are there things like them usually at Michaels or Hobby Lobby? They are great!

  30. This is amazing! Great job! I am now going to be on the look out to do this for myself. πŸ™‚

  31. Where did you get the wooden canisters?


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