play kitchen materials

diy play kitchen

sooo, you want the rundown?here’s where i got everything…and as good a price list as i can do….i’ll break it down as best i can…as best as i can remember, at least!

(i’m horrible at saving receipts!)

lumber- 2 4’x8′ pieces of 3/4 inch plywood-$70

flourescent light-$10 light box and switch-$4? (dad?)

wood for frame-scrap-free!
bowl for sink-found at goodwill for $2
faucet-2 dowels, one was 2″, one was 1 3/4 inch-$5 for both

great outdoors poster-$6 from michaels, on sale for half off

plexiglas-free from rory’s work (or did he just take it?)

knobs for cupboard doors-$2 each from lowe’s
handles for fridge and oven-$8 each from home depot

hooks above stove-$1.50 per pack from OSH

hinges-5 packs at $3 each-$15 total

black knobs for oven-from OSH, four plastic at $1 each, one larger ceramic one at $2
plexiglas-free, nicked by Rory

burners-plastic door handle protector thingies, from lowe’s-$2.50 each black
plastic spray paint for burners-$5

magnetic paint-$23 from lowe’s (for a quart)

wire baskets for storage-from 99 cent store, $8 total

paint-all kelly moore, all paint i had on hand, free! i did purchase one quart of white, since i was out-$12
we used screws we had on hand, and my dad had all the tools handy…so nothing was spent on that stuff. lucky me!

grand total:$200….we love that this one is custom, with fun touches and personality, and will hopefully end up being a family heirloom that our grandkids will one day play with.

hey, we can dream, right?


  1. That’s not a bad price at all!! The other benefit from making it on your own is it will be extra special to your little one, PLUS: It’s far FAR more cute then anything that is out in stores! So cute!

  2. i came over from ohdeedoh and am in love with your play kitchen. i cannot believe you and your dad made this. can i adopt your dad for a bit so he can make one for my daughter?

    it is just fantastic! congrats on such a wonderful project that oozes love and creativity.

  3. I went to the ODEEDOH (sp?) site and looked at those kitchens! I seriously LIKE yours the best!!!

  4. Magnetic paint on the fridge is GENIUS!


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