recent thrifting treasures -and the newest Pattern Anthology collection

I've had some luck thrifting lately, so I thought I'd share my finds with you, since I haven't done a thrifting post in awhile! I scored these amazing art pieces above for $2-3 each. I love buying paintings at thrift shops-they don't have to be Monets, but I can appreciate the skill and caring that went into them. Besides, they are much better than … [Read more...]

button organizer redo

I was thrifting sans kids the other day (heaven!) with a couple bucks in my pocket when I spied this awesome old vintage organizer on the shelf. (vintage makes it sound cooler) It was $4.50. Sah-weet! I was sold. My mom had one like this growing up and I always loved playing with the buttons and other stuff she kept in there. Of course, it wasn't … [Read more...]

thrifting lately

Thrifting has been a little sparse for me lately...and my favorite thrift stores stopped having sales as often, which is a bummer. Hopefully awesome people start donating awesome stuff again soon!Ya know, so I can find it and bring it home with me. So maybe it's a good thing I haven't found much lately. I'm sure Rory appreciates it. ;) (although I … [Read more...]

thrifted books (yes, more)

Most of you know by now that I love to buy children's books while thrifting. Especially vintage books! My favorites are the Little Golden Books, and those Disney readers. Something about the shiny, sometimes tattered, spine gets my heart pounding! I was in Long Beach a while back and we found this amazing $1 book store that had TONS of golden … [Read more...]

thrifty fun

See if you won a set of Button Mad's sewing buttons! Check out the list of winners here!   Check out the winners of the Ruby Jean Pattern giveaway here! I've got some thrifted goodies to show ya today! My mom and I hit up the 50% off sale the other day  week and I found some good stuff! Lots of clothes too, but they were in the wash and … [Read more...]


So...Rory was gone all Saturday morning (helping our friends move) and afternoon (at a basketball game with his family), so I was pretty darn desperate to get out of the house with the girls by the time night fell. We went to our my favorite taqueria (they ate like two bites of their quesadilla...crazies) and afterward I was still desperate to stay … [Read more...]

10 great thrifting tips!

It's no secret around here that I love to shop at thrift stores. Or, go thrifting, whatever you want to call it. (thrifting sounds much cooler) Probably half (or more) of my wardrobe is thrifted, and a lot of my furniture and home decor is as well! I love to get my dollar's worth, and they can be awesome places to get unique pieces. I didn't … [Read more...]

thrifty reads

I've had some good luck thrifting children's books lately-including some cute vintage books in the mix. An awesome truck book, cute book about rain, some Berenstain Bears books (I loved those as a kid),a few Disney readers, Caps for Sale, Alice in Wonderland (gorgeous illustrations), a Golden book, American Tail (another favorite of mine!), and a … [Read more...]

thrifting of late…

It's been a little while since my last thrifting post...though not my last thrifting run. I go at least once (sometimes twice) a week now...gotta LOVE Grandma "school".  (quality Grandma time provided by my mom and Grandma....on separate afternoons...every week...yah go ahead and be jealous, I would be, it's awesome.) I've been OBsessed with … [Read more...]

yard sale-ing I will go…

 I've never been a big garage or yard sale-ing person. I prefer to go to thrift stores-to use a shopping cart, and to also walk around checking things out without the person who's things they were, there.(wow, could I have written a more confusing sentence? actually I probably could...better not try, for all our sakes)  Yet Saturday for some … [Read more...]