as of this morning…

…this is what we have!

me and my dad are a lot alike. we tend to obsess over projects until they are done. hence, we have worked on this kitchen 7.5 hours since yesterday morning. hah hah. wow. we are crazy or something.

case in point: my dad came up with this clever idea to light up the window (and outdoorsy picture i plan to put up behind it), with a flourescent light hung up behind the back. it also ended up straightening out the back piece which curved a tad so my dad was happy about that too.

win win……win. (if you’re an office fan)

this is where we were last night, and you can kinda see the light coming through our hole-window. cute no?
for the oven, i had this set of cooling racks i picked up at the dollar store, and we screwed in some tiny pieces of wood on the sides to form the racks. fun!

today we cut out and put in the door of the oven…rory is in charge of the plexiglas. can’t wait for that! and our handles. we had to special order them, meh.

we picked up some magnetic latches from the hardware store for about 89 cents each, to keep our doors closed. simple, cheap, and that little *thwunk* is so satisfying when you close them!

so, we have the fridge door in, missing one hinge (lost in my parents garage, probably never to be seen again), the sink, window piece is cut and ready, and doors for the sink cabinet are ready and waiting for hinges. next step: finishing the sanding and spackling and then it’s time to paint! i THINK i know what i’m gonna do…i hope it ends up looking like it does in my head. we will see!

i’m also up to my ears in christmas shopping and gift making and cookie making. no wonder the holidays go by so fast!


  1. I LOVE this!!!! I can’t wait to see the finished product! Everything sounds so fun!!! love ya

  2. Sadie’s little kitchen is looking so awesome! I am so glad your Dad is nearby to help out! Can’t wait to see the finished result AND Sadie’s reaction.


  4. SHUT. UP. I love what you are doing here…it’s looking so DARLING!!

  5. It looks amazing! Seriously, it looks professionally made! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

    PS- I’m an Office fan, loved your reference!

  6. Wow! That is coming together so fast. Are you going to make curtains for the windows? I think they would look really cute with some curtains tied back to the sides. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  7. for sure I’m making curtains! just have to find the perfect fabric! hmm…

  8. hey! i looked at it!!!!!

  9. That is just so cute! I cant wait to see more 🙂

  10. Awesome it is going to be the best ever Kid’s kitchen!!! You guys are getting it done so fast too!!!

  11. W-O-W! Looks AWESOME! I’ve been wanting to get my husband to make a kitchen. He decided to do the doll house first. Maybe someday…
    You guys are doing a great job, it’s going to be so stinkin adoreable!

  12. This looks fantastic – I love all the attention to detail!

  13. looking so awesome! i can’t wait for the finished product!!!

  14. This is amazing!! It really is looking so professional. I hope after the holidays you can find some time to tell more details about how you went about doing this. I would love to try making one for my daughter.

  15. Just thought I would share my exciting painting idea (well, for me it’s exciting). I am planning on painting the kitchen with white and light yellow, and incorporating a bumblebee motif.
    Ladybugs would also be cute (I was looking through a home and garden magazine where the kitchens were “themed”.
    Good luck! Your kitchen has come together much faster then mine!

  16. holly, that sounds adorable! can’t wait to see it! I’ll try and share tips, but my dad is an awesome carpenter and did a lot of the math. i did the designing! no math for me, please!

  17. It is so adorable! Sadie will will love it! I am wondirng what color scheme you chose – or is that a secret till all is revealed? Tell your dad I think it is amazing!

  18. Its coming along great!

  19. that is going to be REALLY cool! nice work.

    love the Christmas dress – what about ribbon bows for her ponytails instead of fabric clips?

  20. thanks kirsten! i think that sounds adorable and i didn’t even think of ribbons! will have to find some matching ribbon in my stash, or else-trip to michaels! hehe.

    pictures to come tomorrow of the paint job on the kitchen, so far!

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