fabric puzzle blocks tutorial

Sorry it only took me like 2 months, but here's the tutorial for the puzzle blocks I made for One Month to Win It! You'll need:wooden blocks (mine were 2" wide and I bought them here)6 different fabrics (I go into detail on where I got my fabric and what designers they are made by here.) Mod Podgefoam brushrotary cutter and ruler It's pretty … [Read more...]

no joke!

So wow! Did you hear the news?I leapt out of bed at the crack of dawn to check was excited to see this morning that I had won One Month to Win It!Thanks to all who voted for my projects, and for the talented ladies who competed! There were some amazing projects!I had a blast competing in One Month to win It. It reallly pushed me creatively, and I'm … [Read more...]

family tree wall art

 tada! this was my project on One Month to Win It this week! Sorry the pics weren't fantastical...we've had nothing but cloudiness and rain here so I did my best. I loove how this project turned out! and this project won this week! (barely)...I couldn't believe that! wow! thanks everybody! So, when I first heard the theme this week would be … [Read more...]

the Lucky dress

Did you all guess that this was my project over on One Month to Win It this last week? Sadie's hair is a bit recognizable I guess. lol!Wish me more luck for this next week-the competition dropped down to 6-and 3 will be voted off next week-yikes! I still need to get some pics of my project too, and it's cloudy and rainy here. Grrr. oh well!I loved … [Read more...]

play kitchen canisters-trash to treasure

So, did anyone guess that this was my project? I thought it might be blatantly obvious, seeing how obsessed I am with felt food and Sadie's kitchen. I do love me a good pretend nibble. So here's how I made them...watch out! Two pictures ahead. Yes, only two. It's pretty self explanatory...and hard to take pictures of yourself painting. So … [Read more...]