sadie’s big girl quilt

I've gotta say, I love this quilt finished. I wasn't sure how I felt about it while I was waiting for the backing...but the quilting and binding make it so cozy and perfect for sadie's big girl room. i love the backing fabric! it's from the Sandi Henderson Meadowsweet fabric line where I got a lot of the other fabrics I'm using in her room. We … [Read more...]


finished quilting and binding baby's quilt this past weekend. don't mind sadie's creepy ghost hand in this picture...she is in a phase where she MUST be in every picture taken. i love it! except for those two blocks in the middleish...where the flower placement is almost exactly the same. how the hay did that happen? and why did i not notice … [Read more...]

sneaky peek

here's a little sneak peek into the new nursery colors/fabric, and baby's quilt-in-progress. I ran out of white, but it will have sashing in between the rows, and surrounding the outside. I can't wait, it'll be soo cute! that's the crib bumper near the top of the photo, and the start of the mobile, just need some pink and green felt to finish the … [Read more...]

back in the quilting saddle

started sadie's quilt for her new room last night! it's going to be an hourglass quilt, inspired by this quilt. amazing blog, by the way. i've got 77 squares to make, 22 down, 55 to go. it's a lot easier than my pinwheel quilt though. after a trip to joann's this afternoon, i have the fabric for the baby's crib skirt and bumper, so i'll be … [Read more...]

mini quilt

haha! You knew I'd be back here with a quilt before too long, didn't you? Agh, you know me too well. I had a fire burning under me to get this done...I don't know why! It was so fun though, and I got to try out three new quilting things: 1. free motion quilting (so fun, but tiring for your arms. aka the squigglies) 2. stacked coin quilt … [Read more...]

Quilt: check.

I managed to finish up the Craft Hope quilt last night! I actually got to bed at a decent hour too. I swear, watching (listening) to Friends while sewing really makes the time fly! I didn't bind the edges, opting to finish it quickly so I can make another one. (hopefully)I used my new walking foot to quilt around the squares, easy peasy. I … [Read more...]


Man, it's tiring to quilt a quilt on a machine. Pushing all that fabric through over and over again. It's a work out! It's done yay. (the quilting part) Now I have to sew the binding on, by hand, thank you very much. I've never done that, so I had to look it up is the tutorial I found that helped the most. It has … [Read more...]