Charlotte’s granny square quilt (and a quilting discount!)


SO. Charlotte’s epic (-ly long- taking quilt) is finished! I’m really excited about how this one finished up, and she’s really excited to have it on her bed. It is pretty darn cozy, can’t blame her there. The tutorial I used was this one, and sheesh those blocks were a ton of work, but so cute. I used a mix of vintage feedsack reproduction fabrics and stuff from my stash for the blocks…and a vintage yellow gingham sheet for the back. The binding was also from  my stash, from School Days by American Jane.
I have to say thanks to Rory for holding this up for what seemed like forever to him 5 minutes while I tried to get my settings right. He’s so buff and studly.

So-you may have guessed that I didn’t quilt this bad boy myself. No siree! What gave it away? The utter lack of puckers and wrinkles? the even stitches and beautiful patterns? har har.

I sent it to Patricia of Brown Bird Quilts, and she did the. most. amazing. job.

Amiright? youknowimright.

She quilted the most gorgeous swirls, leaves, flowers, spinning thingies, twirlieques… (super technical terms, btw) And each stitch is…..Perfection.

Since she is so awesome, she’s also offering a 20% off discount for her quilting services to you lovely readers! Use the code: CRAFTINESS when you put in your order with her. She also has a customer appreciation discount where you receive $35 off your sixth quilt-no matter the size, and no expiration date. (you hard core quilters would love that!) Check out her Etsy shop for more-including the sweetest smocked & heirloom clothing!

Charlotte could not wait to wrap herself in it…One of these days I will keep a quilt I make for myself!


  1. Love the vintage aspects and all the colors. It makes a room so easy to decorate around when the colors are more open.

  2. This is such a beautiful quilt! You did an amazing job. I love it!

  3. Gorgeous quilt! Nicely done. I do worry about all that white– No candy in bed, missy!

  4. Beautiful! I think you’re one smart woman sending it off for quilting…too hard basket!! Such a lovely vintage feel to the quilt.

  5. I love the colors of this quilt! And that binding… beautiful. =)

  6. LOVE this quilt !!!!

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