grey, green, and teal baby boy quilt

grey, green, and teal baby boy quilt

My bestie is having her fourth baby quite soon, and it’s a boy! I knew I wanted to make her a quilt, so I hopped over to Pinterest to dig around.

I ended up deciding on this style/block…no clue if it’s called anything specific but I loved how easy it was to sew up!

baby boy quilt layout

Having the layout in mind I picked out my fabrics from (will link below), and created a layout in Illustrator to follow so I wouldn’t make unnecessary blocks. UH life changing, that was. I loved it!

grey dot ovals

green polka dots



tv screens

grey dots


kona white for the corners

grey, green, and teal baby boy quilt

The backing was more of the phone fabric-and I quilted it very simply along the edges of the blocks.

grey, green, and teal baby boy quilt

1/2 yard of all the prints (more for the phones) covered the yardage nicely…I cut the prints into 8.75″ squares, then the kona into 4.5″ squares. I’ve never been great at math or whatnot, so they didn’t meet up exactly when I stitched them all together, but hey. Whatever! still cute. right? Here’s a little diagram of how I sewed the blocks together.


grey, green, and teal baby boy quilt


  1. Love it! I really like how it isn’t baby boy- this is a quilt he can have and use for a really long time 🙂

  2. This is lovely – well done!!

  3. What a nice quilt! I don’t think we need to be good at math to come up with perfect quilts! I think your best friend will be happy to have this as a gift!

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