R2D2 quilt and star wars onesies

    R2D2 quilt! for Star wars fans young and old. #starwars #quilts

I’ve gotta say, right off the bat, this quilt is probably one of my favorite makes of all time.

It was SERIOUSLY hard to part with, but since I made it for a friend, and decided I could make myself one someday…I let it go. barely.

(edit, actually this quilt pictured is MINE my kids! I made two actually, started the second right after I finished the first because otherwise I knew I couldn’t let it go…lol)

You know we are Star Wars fans in this house, right?

see here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. (I will probably regret sharing that last one with you…haha)

One of my oldest friends is having a baby boy! Her hubby is a huge SW fan and she’s converted to the dark side. or light. hem.

I’ve had this on my list to make for awhile so this seemed a great opportunity!

I took inspiration from a few r2d2 quilts I had seen online and on Etsy, and also a lot from a little R2D2 candy tin I got from Disneyland that showed the layout of all his gadgets and circuitry perfectly.

At first, I created a pattern on illustrator-not a legit pattern like you’re imagining, just a basic outlay so that I could use that for my measurements.

I winged it like that for the first quilt, and then decided to make another and take notes and measurement so I can create a pattern someday! I have all the pieces just need to write out the directions.

I pieced this from the top up-using mostly fabric in my stash, I did have to run out and get some grey and white.

  I also used more math for this quilt than I have the last 10 years.

so there’s that.

R2D2 quilt! for Star wars fans young and old. #starwars #quilts

The plan was to free motion quilt it but my foot didn’t come in time, so I used my walking foot to quilt around most of the details, which I ended up liking  A LOT.

the circles are appliqued on!

R2D2 quilt! for Star wars fans young and old. #starwars #quilts

Those little screwdriver pieces were the trickiest!

R2D2 quilt! for Star wars fans young and old. #starwars #quilts

mostly basic stuff except that octagon-that was FUN to figure out. haha…hm.

again, math. you are my nemesis.

R2D2 quilt! for Star wars fans young and old. #starwars #quilts

I backed it in this PERFECT SW print. Sadie has been begging me for a dress in this fabric, but I promised to get more for her, cause this was just too perfect.

R2D2 quilt! for Star wars fans young and old. #starwars #quilts


Ok I’m back-was sidetracked. had to hunt down more of this fabric.

star wars onesies using TAP paper

So my friend I made the first quilt for…(she loved it in case you were wondering) I also made  her some onesies using TAP paper, (affliate link) which still amazes me to this day.

I love it!

star wars onesies using TAP paper

I found the images on Google search. Love this hip stormtrooper.

star wars onesies using TAP paper

classic logo…

star wars onesies using TAP paper

and wise Yoda.

And because you know I LOVE a good theme, I bought this book, and this X-wing softie for them.

Man I love a theme. especially this one.


  1. PLEASE tell me that you’re making a pattern for that quilt! It’s amazing!!

  2. Holy stinkin’ cuteness!!!

  3. We have that book! And the star trek book of opposites.

    Big nerds here. Lol

  4. Tiffany G says

    Hurray for a pattern for this awesome quilt! I can’t wait!!

  5. This is fantastic!! My teen boys would STILL love this. Can’t wait for the tutorial!
    Thanks Jess!

  6. Love, love, love.

  7. Julie R. says

    That quilt is awesome!! I have a friend who would love one!

  8. Aura Oriano says

    Your quilt is fabulous! You’ve inspired me to finish my Star Wars quilt. I have the exact same photo-block Star Wars print, cut out and waiting for me to finish piecing the other side. Remnants of said print might be cut out and given to classmates if they behave. Thanks for your Star Wars roundup!

  9. This is an awesome quilt! Great job!

  10. I am so impressed with your math skillz! I made a Star Wars quilt for my brother but chickened out from the maths and just strip pieced the various fabrics I had found. Cannot wait for this pattern- going to have to make one of these for my boys! Only problem will be us all fighting over whose quilt is it 😉

  11. SO FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!!!!!!! The force is strong with you. I am crediting O’s Star Wars phonics workbook with teaching him to read so early. G is for General Grievous = winning.

  12. Ha! When you can reverse applique a screwdriver you can do anything!!
    this is seriously cool. I’d buy the pattern too and I am no quilter!

  13. Love it! And it’s rare that my husband ACTUALLY has an interest in a quilt I show him… but this one caught his eye.

  14. Oh, dude. Dude. DUDE.

  15. That quilt is… awe-some!

  16. i am just now seeing this amazing quilt! Was a pattern ever actually made? My son needs this for Christmas. Thanks!

    • not yet!

      • Super excited for this one!! I’m SUCH a Star Wars nerd. Our entire wedding was Star Wars, costumes and all…for everyone, LOLOLOL. Can’t wait to use the pattern when you work it all up. Thanks for being insanely awesome!


  17. Any plans to release the pattern yet? I could even use the pattern without instructions, I’ve been dying to make this since finding out my bestie was pregnant with a boy, and now she’s due at the end of November and I would LOVE to be able to give it to her.

    • I’m not sure if it would be ok with the trademark….still looking into that. 🙂

      • Ahh, that makes sense 🙂 please let me know if it works out. I’ve been watching your blog for months waiting for the release. My friend would just adore it!

  18. I’m also hoping that you will be able to release a pattern for this quilt! It is so cute!

  19. That's Sew Raven says

    Even if you can’t get a trademark license you can share a pattern on the website Fandom In Stitches. There is an awesome community of designers there.

  20. Hi. I was wondering if you ever made the pattern for the R2D2 quilt available for purchase? I’m dying to make this for my boys for Christmas this year 🙂

  21. Amber Petty says

    Hi there! Just wondering if a pattern or tutorial was ever released? I’d love to make this for my nephew!


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