bari j bianca top

bianca top || sewn by craftiness is not optional

On my quest to sew ALL THE THINGS for myself, the Bianca was in my sights-it looked flattering, and fun to sew.

And guess what? it is, and was.

I chose some lovely Bari J voile (from Fabricworm) which was amazing to sew with! buttery soft but still pretty sturdy.

and what a gorgeous print! I love that it’s like a grown up floral.

it’s like “I’ma be grey so I’m grown up but lookey at my COLORS too!”

yep, that’s how fabric talks to me. so?

bianca top || sewn by craftiness is not optional

I sewed up a size Medium but looking at these pictures I’m thinking I might sew up a small next time-looks a little bunchy around the girls.

(more so in the shots I edited out)

bianca top || sewn by craftiness is not optional

Either way, I’m sure I’ll wear it A LOT this summer as it meets my summer top criteria-no tank top needed underneath, lightweight, and CUTE.

and did I mention fast? Less than an hour. boom!

who needs to shop? seriously.

bianca top || sewn by craftiness is not optional


  1. Super nice fabric!!! I’ve also sewed it up and agree with you totally ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. You’re right, it’s very flattering. I really love the fabric, such nice colors.

  3. So cute! I love that floral pattern!

  4. You are super cute! And I love the top! Darling fabric!

  5. Really beautiful! Love your fabric choice!

  6. Jacqueline says

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love making quilts and other projects…but have always been afraid of sewing clothing. Seeing all your gorgeous creations, maybe I need to give it a try. Did you use interfacing on this top?

  7. I am so envious of all your new shirts! I’m a day away from my due date and I have big post-partum sewing plans- at least once everything uhh settles in! They’re so cute and you are making it seem totally doable! Yay!

  8. Wow — this is so cute! I’m definitely putting this top on my me sewing list ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Love the top and the fabric you used for it is awesome!

  10. beautiful top ~ love the fabric!

  11. Haha, I love that fabric ‘talks’ to you! It only mutters at me… to me it probably would have muttered, “Adult. Grey. Flowers. Soft. Buy.” =D This top looks great on you! I love your sandals too.

  12. Such a cute pattern! I like the way it hangs on you….yes, very flattering.

  13. i looooove that fabric, and this top is so gorgeous on you! yay for all the self sewing – you’re rockin it!!

  14. You are so funny… I always say to my sister “seriously, why buy clothes.” ha. Sewing is the best! I have been eyeing this fabric forEVS and it is just beautiful on you!! well done!

  15. aww LOVE it!!! You are a MACHINE, lady!! How ’bout you come over here and sew me a Bianca for my baby boobs?

    J/K! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Love your version! I think I need this pattern!

  17. Do you have people coming up to pet you? Because that’s what I would do if I saw this fabric. Maybe I would wait until you weren’t wearing it, maybe not.

  18. Your “Bunchy around the girls” comment made me laugh out loud. I’m always calling them that. Hahaha. Beautiful top! I’ll have to add that to my list, I’ve been pitying my top collection lately.

  19. This is so, so pretty!

  20. This is really nice, it looks great on you! I’ve been thinking about that pattern, I’m glad to know that you liked it (and that it was quick to sew!).

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