liberty and leather foldover clutch

liberty and leather foldover clutch

I keep busting out these foldover clutches for gifts lately, they are pretty quick to make and it’s great fun to pick out fabric combos!

I like to try and guess what people would like…so far they’ve been winners. 🙂

crossing my fingers for future clutches…

I made this liberty and leather clutch for my sister in law’s birthday…the leather is part of the same hide I made this bag from, and the liberty has made it’s appearance on the blog as well!

I love scrappy projects! The leather is pretty thick so one of the corners wasn’t having it.


I still love the lovely creases and worn parts.

I used my girl Kristin’s fabulous foldover clutch tutorial again….with Cherie’s leather twist, again…..

Why mess with a good thing?

liberty and leather foldover clutch

I interfaced the liberty with some pretty strong stuff-Pellon 809 Decor Bond. It matched the leather pretty well for sturdiness.

The magenta zipper is part of my grandmas stash-she gifted me a bunch of her stash a few years ago.

liberty and leather foldover clutch

The lining is some shimmery linen, I’ve also used it before! Stash busters rock.


  1. Aw it makes me so happy how much use you’re getting out of my tutorial! Always fun to play with fabric (and bright zippers!). Very cute.

  2. Ah, this is so beautiful I can’t even take it! The colors of that Liberty look phenomenal with that leather!

  3. I love that leather! So pretty, and I like that you paired it with a bright floral. That makes it really fun!

  4. Michelle Mathis says

    I made two last night! I did the first in all vinyl (grrr) and then did one in plaid flannel/vinyl and it is off the charts adorable. I am going to scout out the thrift stores and look for some leather handbags I can cut up. Thank you for posting the tutorial!

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