wet bag tutorial

Kind of a weird-sounding name for a bag, huh? Makes me think it should hold water or something. Anyways, these handy little bags are great for diaper bags...(for wet undies that we deal with on the go sometimes) ...also swim bags, or anywhere you need a bag to hold something wet. It's pretty basic. See below for the full tutorial! You … [Read more...]

my new bag

My good friend Anna came out with another fabulous bag pattern- the Go Anywhere Bag!I'm sure you guys have seen the other amazing versions she and her pattern testers have made. I had to make one for myself, of course. I LOVE Anna's patterns, and this one looked big enough, for me, to get the job done. (I'm somewhat of a Boy Scout when it comes to … [Read more...]

duffel bags for the girls

So, Rory and I are planning a short getaway later this summer, just the two of us. I am so excited I may scream. The thought of uninterrupted sleep, meals, and time to shop spend with my hubby, brings a grin to my face. My awesome mother in law will be taking the kiddos while we make a break for it enjoy ourselves.  Of course, kids always need … [Read more...]

guest post: Viewfinder pouch

This project might look familiar to you long time readers (hi, Mom)-I made one last summer for Sadie and promised a tutorial. Well...er...here it is! Almost a year later. Better late than never? Make sure and hop on over to Liberate Creativity to see the tutorial! And also reposted here: I have a fun little project to share … [Read more...]

20 minute grocery bag holder tutorial

I've needed a new one of these grocery bag holders for awhile now, and have been hanging on to the perfect fabric for one, so finally I just forced myself to sew it up. It was a quick sew (even with taking pics) so I put together a little tutorial for ya! There's french seams involved! Très chic. As chic as a grocery bag holder can be I guess. I … [Read more...]

my 241 tote

Hey lookeyloo, what's this? Some sewing for me? That's a rarity around here, but fun when it does happen! You may recognize the bag-it's the 241 tote from Anna. Once again, she's done it! And by "it" I mean, created a flawless pattern that is cute, easy to sew up, and functional! Seriously, it came together with no problems whatsoever. I was even … [Read more...]

more gathered clutches and a pincushion

 Well, I told you I ordered more zippers (from my awesome sponsor Zip it!)....what was I supposed to do? Let them gather dust!?Appalling! ;)So I whipped up a few more gathered clutches, one for my sister in law-to be, and one for my sister. I love coming up with fabric combos-so this may end up being my go-to gift for gal pals.  I lined them in the … [Read more...]

trick or treat bag tutorial

Need a trick or treat bag to match your child's costume? I whipped this one out in no time-it's easy, cheap (I spent about $2 on supplies), and you can easily customize it to your child's costume! I made mine look like Flounder from the Little Mermaid movie, since Sadie is going to be Ariel. Now that I think about it, it kind of looks like I … [Read more...]