han solo hemlock tee

the old school star wars films are my favorites. we grew up having marathons as a family-all spread out on the floor, eating popcorn. Han was always my favorite guy-that scoundrel! I loved the romance between he and Leia...he's such a scruffy-looking nerf herder but you can't help love him. I even dressed up as him one year for Halloween! So … [Read more...]

bari j bianca top

On my quest to sew ALL THE THINGS for myself, the Bianca was in my sights-it looked flattering, and fun to sew. And guess what? it is, and was. I chose some lovely Bari J voile (from Fabricworm) which was amazing to sew with! buttery soft but still pretty sturdy. and what a gorgeous print! I love that it's like a grown up floral. it's like … [Read more...]

essential shorts and some hemlock tees

I am all about comfort in those hot summer days...you  know, lightweight, breathable... I'm also big on shorts and tees, they are kinda my summer uniform. I'm guessing most of you are nodding along with me.... So I'm psyched to share these chambray shorts I made with Make it Perfect's Essential Shorts pattern-they are awesome! I love how comfy … [Read more...]

a trio of union st. tees

I'm so psyched about these tees I have to share with you today. For one, they're awesome (more oh so much more on that later), for (two?)I got to try my friend Adrianna's new pattern, the Union St. Tee, and for three, I made a v neck tee! (confession, I had never done that before now.) I didn't really care for v-neck tees until I read that … [Read more...]

some scout tees

I am loving the grainline patterns-I know, welcome to women's sewing, Jess. duh. They are all the rage, but I've always been a little scared to sew for myself-mostly worried that things wouldn't fit, etc. I've recently made a goal to sew for myself more, and to take that fear head on and show it who's boss. (me) So after I finished the archer, … [Read more...]

teal checked archer shirt

Every so often I get bit by the selfish sewing bug. It's happened again, guys! When I was visiting Kristin, she let me try on her Archer shirt (we're about the same size) to check the fit in case I wanted to sew one up. She did the same with my weekend getaway blouse last October, lol. It was SOO nice to be able to know that this one would fit … [Read more...]

vintage may: striped shirt dress

Well helloooo there! So lovely to see you again. Welcome back for the second week of Vintage May! This week Kristin and I both sewed something for ourselves! and it was FUN. My first attempt gone awry, I scoured my shelves and found this book, (affiliate link) sent to me awhile ago from a publisher. PERFECT right? I flipped through the pages … [Read more...]

pattern anthology just add jeans tour

You may have seen the awesomeness that is the new Pattern Anthology collection-4 knit top patterns for WOMEN! And they are all so cute and stylish. I had a tough time deciding which one to make, honestly! I might have to shamelessly copy Stef's Parisian top at a later date...I heart it SO much. I decided on the City Girl top (designed by … [Read more...]

I’m a penelope peplum fan club member

My good friend Kate just came out with her first womens pattern, the Penelope Peplum. (aside: best pattern name EVER) and it is awesome! A quick sew, cute and flattering, and comes together perfectly. I sewed up a large but I think if I make it again I'll do a medium. I used elastic thread in the bobbin when sewing the peplum to the top of the … [Read more...]

mustard polka dot knit dress

     I made this dress....oh, over a month ago. Took pics, even edited them, but in all the hullabaloo of whatever is is that I was doing at the time (I have the worst memory), I forgot to post about it. Bad Blogger! tsk tsk. Anyways, it's just a simple knit dress that I whipped up* and since I am such a bad blogger, didn't take pics for a … [Read more...]