some scout tees

some scout tees

I am loving the grainline patterns-I know, welcome to women’s sewing, Jess. duh.

They are all the rage, but I’ve always been a little scared to sew for myself-mostly worried that things wouldn’t fit, etc.

I’ve recently made a goal to sew for myself more, and to take that fear head on and show it who’s boss. (me)

So after I finished the archer, my sights turned to the scout tee!

It looked simple enough, I’ve made similar shirts like this one before. I hoped the fit would be better than previous shirts. (spoiler alert-it is)

I sewed up a size 10 for my  linebacker shoulders, and tapered the sides in a bit to fit better at the waist. I also left the gathers to ease in the sleeve at the top of it to add a little femininity.

Other than that, I made no changes. What results is an easy to sew and wear top. Phew! what have I been so scared of?

some scout tees

Seriously it is quick! This one, my second, took only a show and a half or so. (it’s how I measure time when I sew…ha!)

I adore this fabric. It’s an organic voile from the palos verdes line…I got my fabric at Fabricworm, but it looks like they’re out. there is some on Etsy still.

It’s buttery soft and a gorgeous print to boot.

I can see myself wearing the h out of this top.

some scout tees

  the top below is my first scout-a wearable muslin to check the size and make any adjustments.

I made it from some plaid seersucker I’ve had in my stash for years.

It’s actually pretty great as far as muslins go! Also super soft fabric so perfect for the hot summer months.

I’ll leave you with these two fabulous pictures of me looking at the corner of my ceiling.

some scout tees


some scout tees


  1. The fabric choice is amazing. So glad you are doing more sewing for yoursel.

  2. Both are very cute. So lucky when the muslin turns out nice enough to wear!

    Hmmmm…I’ve had that triangle print in my Etsy shopping cart for weeks, guess I’d better hurry up and buy it.

  3. great shirts! Just curious – does the pattern have bust darts?

  4. Roseline says

    I like both the tops. A nice casual look. I will have to try them. It’s so funny how you say you follow the pattern, and then make all these little changes to tailor it to your body. I wish I could do that!

    As soon as I’ve had my baby (I’m 7 months pregnant) I will have to check out this pattern. Thanks for sharing! Always enjoy starting my day with one of your posts. =::>

    • Im with you Roseline! Im 6.5 months pregnant and all of a sudden want to start sewing for myself more!! I have a list of adult patterns just waiting for me

      Thanks for sharing Jess! I’m putting this one on the list for once i dont have to feed so often!

  5. yay! i love seeing you sew for you! both are so cute and i really love that palos verdes print – i’ve almost bought it a bunch of times at bolt. looks awesome on you!

    • thanks! I love seeing your stuff too! I feel kinda bad, but I want to leave sewing for my kids in the dust for awhile. hehe! I won’t, but it’s tempting…

  6. sorahart says

    I’ve been toying with buying this pattern forever. Thanks for the kick in the pants to finally do it. Your top looks great!

  7. I love the plaid version! I have extra-broad shoulders too (mine were 1/2″ wider than my husband’s when we married… truth! He’s bulked up since then) but I don’t think I’ve ever considered just using a larger size for the shoulders…. duh! =) You are so cute!

  8. I have and love that fabric too : )! I love the top, so cute. I think I would have such a hard time taking photos of me. I would probably giggle the whole time like I was 5. Great job!

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