essential shorts and some hemlock tees

essential shorts and some hemlock tees

I am all about comfort in those hot summer days…you  know, lightweight, breathable…

I’m also big on shorts and tees, they are kinda my summer uniform. I’m guessing most of you are nodding along with me….

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So I’m psyched to share these chambray shorts I made with Make it Perfect’s Essential Shorts pattern-they are awesome!

I love how comfy they are.

With the cute drawstring too? SOLD.

pale legs? I gotcha covered.

getting off track.

anyways-loved how these shorts turned out. I sewed up a size medium in some chambray like I said, and I love that they’ll go with just about anything and be comfy to lounge around in this summer.

essential shorts and some hemlock tees

they were an easy sew-the only trickiness you may encounter comes from the drawstring, but she walks you through it perfectly and it’s a cinch to put together.

I wish I’d cut my elastic in the back just an inch shorter, but I’ll live with it.

i.e. : I don’t feel like taking apart the waistband. I’m short, so the length is long on me, but I like the bermuda short look, so it’s all good!

essential shorts and some hemlock tees

I had to sew up a tee to go with it! I sewed up the hemlock tee, without the sleeves, in this cute border print…isn’t it fun? (from I think)

took in the sides a bit but otherwise made it as directed! (skipped the hemming too-rebel!)

essential shorts and some hemlock tees

Another one for good measure!

essential shorts and some hemlock tees

I’m loving sewing for myself, but not the photoshoots so much…I’m the world’s most awkward model, and I feel like I only like how I look posing a certain way, which gets dull.

Tell me I’m not alone! 😀

essential shorts and some hemlock tees

Thanks C, for standing in to cuten up this shoot! (her dress is from H&M)

I did receive a free copy of this pattern but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. cute shorts, dude!! and i love the tees too – your’e on fiyah! also, ditto on the blog photos of self.

  2. love those shorts! they are super comfy looking!

  3. I’ve been following your blog for a couple years now and usually see you post about kids clothing which is fun, but lately you’ve been posting more outfits you’ve made for yourself. I’ve really enjoyed seeing what you’ve whipped up for yourself and the prints you’ve chosen for your own wardrobe. (Sometimes I think moms are always caring for everybody that they forget to treat themselves.) I worry about my modeling, too, but the nice thing is that it’s all about the garment you’re wearing and you sew beautifully!

  4. Those are some cute tees! I know how you feel about taking blog photos of yourself, but I have to say that you are really cute! I know where your daughters get it from!

  5. Love the shorts and tee but mostly wanted to tell you how fabulous you look! Seriously, you look SO good. Whatever you have been doing, keep it up!

  6. You look great. And you obviously remembered to brush your hair and do your face. I only remember those kind of things after I see the photos of myself!
    The shorts look super comfy and you appear to be set for summer. Well done.

  7. Nice shorts lady! You look great in them. 🙂

  8. Love, love these shorts! They look super cute on you! Would they fit under a pregnant belly? (Because that’s what I am sporting right now. :0) What kind of material did you make your shorts in? Is chambray the type of material or the color?

    • Chambray is the type of material-Not sure about them fitting under a pregnant belly though, sorry!

  9. Love them! Thanks for playing along Jess…and I totally get ya with the blog photo posing. Can be so intimidating!!!!! You rock though 🙂


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