cute couple

Here are some of my favorites from Joanna and Cody's engagement pictures we took over the weekend. I think they turned out pretty cute. Note: I am no professional. Hardly even an amateur. ;) But you can't beat free! (well, it may cost her some chocolate covered raisins) isn't her ring purty? good pick! i loved that this tree was carved. If only … [Read more...]

happy early birthday (to me)

wanna hear a cool story? (well, cool for me)k, listen, i didn't think i'd get any other lenses for my camera since they are expensive and we have better things to spend our money on, like the house, or uncle lane is visiting this week and had a few canon lenses he was going to sell. i was interested in the telephoto zoomy one (very … [Read more...]

i heart my camera!

and sadie of course! i just loove my new camera. it's so fast! and just plain awesome. tonight we went to taco bell for dinner. too hot to cook. we had the fresco stuff. well, sadie and i. rory sticks with his double decker taco-chicken quesadilla combo every time. then we headed to the park for some ice cream! yum. sadie looved it of course. … [Read more...]

she’s he-re

my new baby-er-camera is here! after a mix up yesterday (i missed the delivery lady by 10 minutes!), it came this afternoon.the battery is charging as i speak, and i cannot WAIT to try it out! i think maybe we'll go for a walk today after dinner...oh, do you like my camera strap? yep, i'm such a dork that my camera strap has a cover even before … [Read more...]


uh, can i just say i can't wait for my camera to come?! OK..ICANTWAITFORMYCAMERATOCOME. let me take you for a walk down memory my high school years and for a few years after, i took every photography class i could...and rolls and rolls of film. (pre-digital, heh heh) i remember spending hours in the darkroom at school, watching the … [Read more...]