a brand new Penny

My good friend Aimee asked me to take some newborn shots of her new daughter, Penny, so I said, “uh let me think about this reeeally hard…..YES!” I had so much fun taking these simple shots of her. Nakey baby pics are so adorable.

She was only about a week old when we took these-which is perfect timing for newborn shots, or so I read. Look at me, playing photographer. (so sad really, I’m a bit delusional)

This fabric is Amy Butler-from her Daisy Chain line, Deco Rose in Brown. (I got it from my sponsor, Modern Fabric Studio, but it looks like they’re out)

This was by far our favorite backdrop!

I’m happy with the way they turned out! So is momma and that’s what matters right? One tip I found online is to keep a space heater nearby, and blasting. It said you should be sweating…which we were, meanwhile Penny was comfy cozy in her birthday suit!

Penny was a champ in between changing backdrops and stuff on her head.

Squinchy face!

This fabric is Blockprint Blossom in Fuschia from Joel Dewberry’s Heirloom line.

hehe she did tinkle on this blanket, but I’d say we definitely avoided the worst of it. (you know what I’m talking about…)

I love these of her wrapped up in the blanket-she’s on her quilt I made her, too….so precious!


  1. Beautiful photography of a beautiful girl Jess! I adore the last pic -sooo cute!
    Katie x

  2. SO utterly precious Jess! What a beautiful baby, and the photos are just gorgeous.
    I wish that I had done more photography before having my babies so that I could have taken beautiful photos of them.
    x Sannah

  3. Oh stop! It makes me want another one! Beautiful.

  4. Beautiful shots! Great job!


  5. How precious! Penny is just so adorable your pics turned out great. Anne Geddes better watch out for you.:)

  6. what a cute baby! You did a great job on the pictures. What can’t you do, Jess?

  7. Wonderful take on those backdrop and photos. She is adorable!

  8. As if I wasn’t broody enough all ready!! They are gorgeous pictures and she is so adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I love the pictures, what a sweet girl, and the background prints are adorable, too! Oh, and I LOVE that serving dish thing, not sure the size of it but I want it!

  10. Beautiful baby and such great shots! Wonderful memories!

  11. Very cute! I really like that last one!

  12. Aww, very cute! Looks like she dozed through the whole thing, definitely my preferred way in front of a camera ;o)

  13. How delightful- you did a great job

  14. You did a great job! Those look awesome! When we were doing my daughter’s newborn shoot, she shot poop across the room so you did well with just a little tinkle!

  15. Penny is beautiful and you did an awesome job on those pictures! Good job! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Beautiful photos!! Congrats.
    she is such a beautiful baby and you catch it in your shots

  17. What a beautiful baby, and such pretty pictures!

  18. you did an awesome job! Love the photos…..

  19. elles sont magnifiques ces photos!!! bravo!

  20. Gorgeous pictures and baby. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Fantastic pics, and what a cute little baby! M x

  22. So beautiful!! Great job on these photos. I laughed to myself when I read about “nakey” baby – I say that too and now my daughter will run around after a bath laughing because she is “nakey!”

  23. Is there anything you can’t do? I’m glad to see you are still taking pictures. They are amazing! I still treasure the ones you took as a youth of Kirsten when she was only 1.

  24. Aww how gorgeous, you played photographer very well!

  25. Oh, she is absolutely sixteen shades of precious. I love her already and don’t even know here.

    The photos are so dainty and feminine. Great job!

  26. Your pictures are beautiful… and so is the baby!

  27. Those are awesome pics Jess! They sure look professional!

  28. Great job Jess, very professional. I loved all the back drop, your friend is very lucky.

  29. Jess these pictures are awesome! I’ve seen “professional” photographers that don’t take this nice of newborn pictures. Go you! And, seriously, what a sweet baby girl!

  30. Oh my goodness she’s just adorable!

  31. I love the second to last one, so beautiful!

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