newborn session with Rachelle Lee photography

My uber talented friend Rachelle from Rachelle Lee Photography did a newborn session the other week with Ava, and wow! I just can’t get over how gorgeous these photos are! Rachelle has a knack for capturing the moment, right? Also the sparkle in her eye! It was the perfect photography session, relaxed and calm. She schedules plenty of time for changing, feeding, and rocking baby to sleep. I loved every minute of it, and Ava did great! Plus it’s always fun to see how the pros do it! The second one down is my favorite. Ok, they all are….

If you’re local, you can contact her to schedule a session via her site!


  1. How cute 🙂 love the head/hair band

  2. Love the last one!

    Bettina @

  3. And I love the first one! Ava is so pretty!

  4. Beautifull pics. Very cute little Girl.

  5. Pictures couldn’t be any better. Lovely pictures. May I ask what Ava means.

  6. I long to be able to take pictures like that. Some people just have it.
    Doesn’t hurt that she’s a beauty.

  7. Aww… beautiful pictures. My favorites are the last two. =)

  8. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful baby! Congratulations to your family. What a wonderful addition!

  9. She’s so cute!!!!!!!

  10. The pictures came out fantastic. Your daughter is beautiful. Look at her little mouth. Too precious.

    God Bless.


  11. Oh! They’re all so sweet, but I just love the last one!

  12. Beautiful photos, Ava is such a doll!

  13. Beautiful Ava!

  14. Oh, be still my beating heart!! She is so beautiful! All of the photos are fabulous, but I love the last one… can really see her sisters in her!!!! God bless!

  15. She looks so sweet, I’m sure it’s hard to set her down and not just spend all day loving on her sweet cheeks!

  16. Those last two made me melt! SO gorgeous!

  17. Oh Congratulations! What a precious, precious baby girl! (but you already knew that)

  18. Such beautiful pictures of your new baby girl!

  19. As you said, Love them all. She is a beautiful baby, just like the other two, must be good genes.

  20. Oh so sweet!! She definitely fits right in with your first two cuties. What wonderful pictures too!

  21. She is just too precious!! These are beautiful photos too! Enjoy your sweet little bundle of joy!

  22. She is seriously beautiful, Jess! Sweet baby girl!

  23. Adorable photos! And what a beautiful baby!

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