thrifty finds

My mom, sister, the girls, and I hit the 50% off sale yesterday at the Salvation Army-I didn't find a ton, mostly because the line was 45 min long. NO joke. I've never seen it that bad. But I got a few finds-like these fun patterns to use for fabric/refashions. Love that sweet polka dot and the floral. These are what I was really excited … [Read more...]

the Charlotte dress

Simple, cute, and the perfect starter dress. That's the Charlotte dress! It's basically this dress reincarnated. (although maybe not....cause she still wears that one... hmm. never mind) and minus the bow cause, Um...laziness struck. It's easy to make though! Maybe I'll whip one up. It has a contrast band around the waist, the bottom of the … [Read more...]

a thrifting I will go…and other things.

I was trying (very last minute) to think of a Valentine-sy post to put up-but....well couldn't think of anything....and I love thrifting, so this is what ya get today!  I have to say thanks again to my sister Julia for baby sitting while I ran to the store-you just can't miss those 50% off sales-and MUST go right when they open, which unfortunately … [Read more...]

pardon the interruption…

...but I didn't think you'd mind seeing this cute face! She's four months old now! wow. … [Read more...]

i can’t wait….

  i can't get to know you and your personality. (check out the dimple!) i can't wait....for you to discover your hands...feet...toes. i can't wait....for the first time you can hold someone's hand on your own. i can't wait....for you two to become best friends and sister soul mates.  no pressure though. i can't wait....til you … [Read more...]


I was looking through old baby pictures of mine...and found these! Don't Charlotte and I look like twinners as babies? Crazy! ***BTW, the flower girl dress is done and DONE! hooray! No last minute sewing! I'll get some pictures of it up here soon. :D … [Read more...]

silly girl

When I get Sadie up from her nap, I usually lay Charlotte down on her toddler bed while changing her Majesty's pooeyness.After THAT fun tradition is over, Sadie loves sitting next to her and chatting it up. The other day, I went to grab something from the other room, and came back to a guilty look. "What are you doing?" I asked, thinking she was … [Read more...]

one month

gee whiskers...time goes so fast when you have kids! (the typical mommy chant) with the second baby, it's even faster! Zoom! (that's time flying past me)At one month old, Charlotte's not doing much besides, eat, sleep, and mess her diapers. She is starting to be awake more and alert when she is awake, which is fun. She was laying on Rory's chest … [Read more...]

so far…

Charlotte hates baths.......looks cute in headbands...(look for a tutorial soon!)...and she has this girl totally confused.Poor thing. The Sadester just doesn't understand why mommy can't dote on her anymore! I can only partially dote on her these days. But really. We've been doing pretty good helps that Charlotte sleeps. A LOT. just … [Read more...]

some Charlotte yumminess

I just can't get enough of this face!Happy Saturday! … [Read more...]