ric rac dress for Charlotte

 Well, I had some of that lovely fabric leftover from Sadie's dress, so of course I had to make a little matchy-matchy dress for little sis Charlotte! I made it slightly similar (the sleeves and buttons) but a different style at least. It's basically a Charlotte dress with a Circle skirt attached. Pretty straight-forward! The headband is a tee … [Read more...]

Charlotte dress round up!

 Get ready for some cuteness-some Charlotte dresses! I have loved seeing these pop up in the flickr group-every single one makes me smile.  :D … [Read more...]

Charlotte dress part 5: the invisible zipper

So I thought I'd just go ahead and post this today-so if anyone wanted to finish it tonight they could! Check back tomorrow cause I have a cool giveaway for you guys! So here's a zipper. Pretty tiny right? Not intimidating at all! Or at least, won't be after this tutorial.(hopefully)See more after the jump! So first, get your (non … [Read more...]

Charlotte dress Part 4-skirt and sash

Now you'll cut out your skirt pieces-I cut mine about 36"long by 10" wide-and the same length for the accent fabric, only I cut that about 3.5"wide.See more after the jump!Of course, if you're making this in a larger size you will need to adjust accordingly-you could use a dress already in your closet to figure out the fabric you need.Then I … [Read more...]

Charlotte dress Part 3: sleeves

Download and print here.Ok, first off today, we're gonna cut some pieces from our accent fabric for the sleeve binding. See more after the jump!I cut mine to be 1.75"wide by 8". The length should be your kid's arm measurement+seam allowance- measure around the arm where the sleeve will be, the bicep area.Then, iron them in half lengthwise, and then … [Read more...]

Charlotte dress Part 2: bodice

So! Time to put together the bodice!Printable version See more after the jump!Here are the pieces you should have for your bodice and sleeves: 2 cut on the fold (one lining, one main fabric, and 4 cut for the back. (two lining, two main fabric.)Also two sleeve pieces cut on the fold. First, place your lining and main fabric back and front pieces … [Read more...]

Charlotte dress Part 1: making your pattern

Hellooo! and welcome to the Charlotte dress sew along, part 1! Today we'll be making the pattern for the dress. If you have the 6-12 month pattern already, skip to the bottom, if not, follow along!See more after the jump! Pattern making is really very easy, I just trace around clothing that fits my kids. So, you'll need a shirt that fits … [Read more...]

the Charlotte dress

Simple, cute, and the perfect starter dress. That's the Charlotte dress! It's basically this dress reincarnated. (although maybe not....cause she still wears that one... hmm. never mind) and minus the bow cause, Um...laziness struck. It's easy to make though! Maybe I'll whip one up. It has a contrast band around the waist, the bottom of the … [Read more...]