Sometimes I don’t like to sew. (and other ramblings)

Yes, it's true. Sometimes I do not enjoy sewing. I have been having a particularly hard time lately with sewing clothes-failed projects and ruined fabric doesn't exactly scream productivity and inspiration. Sometimes my mojo leaves without letting me know and goes on vacation. Rude, right? (hopefully it comes back soon)But you know what? I'm ok … [Read more...]

oh, SNAP!

Are you going to the SNAP conference next week?I am! I'm so excited to rub shoulders (well, not literally that would just be weird if I went up to someone and rubbed my shoulder on them.), with over 300 crafty bloggers! I've got my (brand spanking new) business cards in tow and can't wait to meet some awesome blogging gals.I'm thinking it's gonna … [Read more...]


Did you notice something?  Over on the sidebar?  I hit 1,000 followers! No, biggie. Happens every day. ha. ha. Wow. I'm so excited-and want to share that excitement with you!  So...I've got some awesome stuff lined up for a giveaway extravaganza! Starting next Friday look out for that! I can't wait!  For now, I'm headed to … [Read more...]

luck is in the air…

Well, it looks like baby's doll will have a little French friend soon! I won a giveaway over on Mon Petit Poppet! Hop over there and check out all the gorgeous eye candy, you won't be sorry. And thanks, Steph! I think I may keep this dolly for momma. ;) Every girl needs a doll, no matter her age, right? She can keep me company whilst I sew! … [Read more...]

thank you

I got the sweetest package in the mail yesterday from my super sweet bloggy friend Corey. She sent a gorgeous card, the sweetest, softest, pink hat for the baby, and a cute little big sister bracelet for Sadie. All packaged in adorable fabric bags. I was so surprised!What a wonderful gesture from someone I've never even met in real life. It just … [Read more...]

one awesome blogger

I just wanted to show you all this super DUPER cute dress my bloggy friend Nikki from Nature's Heirloom made for her daughter, using my easy breezy tank tutorial. Isn't it adorable!?And if you're in the market for a fun, fresh blog to check out, hers is it!Check out this super cute Easter skirt she made! I am IN LOVE with that pom pom fringe!and … [Read more...]

award time

A few days ago I was given this award from my old/new friend BriAnna…we lived in the same town growing up and recently found each other's blogs...she's so crafty and her daughter is adorable. I only wish we lived closer so we could sew together! Thanks for the award, BriAnna! Now, to pick 7 blogs to pass this award along to...not an easy feat!1. … [Read more...]


hey everyone...sorry about the blog name confusion/debate as of late. (albeit mostly internally for me) i'm still trying to figure out what to call myself in the blog-sphere. I want to keep my blogger url name..since it's still about the adventures of rory and jess and now sadie and little baby christian...but I just a new name for the … [Read more...]

crafting, for hope.

you've probably heard about craft hope'setsy store by now...what an amazing way to help the haiti people. they've raised over $20,000 already for Doctors Without Borders. they're accepting donations again in a few weeks, and i'll be planning on donating some onesies, but for now, i did my part by purchasing a super cute, fun, and EASY mary jane … [Read more...]


wow! i got nominated for a Lemonade Award for "being a blogger who shows great attitude and gratitude."guess all my whining about rory and sadie being sick as of late went unnoticed. ;)thanks paojava!The Lemonade Stand Award is awarded for being a blogger who shows great attitude and gratitude. The rules for accepting this award:- Put the Lemonade … [Read more...]