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A few days ago I was given this award from my old/new friend BriAnna…we lived in the same town growing up and recently found each other’s blogs…she’s so crafty and her daughter is adorable. I only wish we lived closer so we could sew together! Thanks for the award, BriAnna! Now, to pick 7 blogs to pass this award along to…not an easy feat!

1. Nature’s Heirloom
2 Craftaholics Anonymous
3. Pickup Some Creativity

4. Little Cumulus

5. Remodelaholic
6. Happy to Craft

7. A Little Tipsy

1. Thank the person giving you this award.
2. Copy the award to your blog
3. place a link to their blog
4. Name 7 tidbits people don’t know about you from reading your blog.
5. Nominate 7 Bloggers.
6. Place a link to those Bloggers.
7. Leave a comment letting those Bloggers know about the award.
7 Facts About Me
1. I graduated from Massage Therapy School…so I get a lot of this from my family members: “Jess…my back/neck/shoulders hurt….”

2. I hated sewing up until about 2 years ago. My mom and I would get into big fights whenever I would “try” and sew a skirt when I was younger. I got frustrated too easily! Now I have learned to accept the flaws that happen while sewing. Did I say accept? I meant ignore.

3. I don’t mind doing the dishes. (unless it’s a HUGE pile) I do hate cleaning the floors.

4. I hate math with a passion.

5. I love movies and TV. On my Netflix account, it says I’ve rated 1157 movies/TV shows. That should tell you how much I obsess-love movies. (except horror)

6. I’ve watched the TV show Friends countless times. I turn them on while I’m sewing.

7. My right thumb is double jointed. (interesting stuff, huh?)


  1. Thank you Thank you! That is so very sweet!

  2. Jess,
    You are so sweet to think of me!! Thanks for the shout out! That was fun reading about you. you know, i have this little crook in my neck… jk
    happy crafting!
    btw, love the name of your blog 🙂

  3. What a fun blog! I saw you on A little Tipsy and thought I would stop by! I also love, love, love movies – except horror! I can often be found in front of my TV watching movies!

  4. Thanks you for the award! I am totally flattered! I love your blog and all the wonderful things you make for your daughter! You inspire me all the time-

    Oh and I totally made your garlic chicken pizza! Thanks for the recipe!

  5. Aaawww thanks, lady!! You know, my mom and I always fought about sewing, too. She always tried to teach me that everything had to be absolutely perfect, and I just didn’t (and still don’t) have the patience for that. Happily, I found the school of wonk, so to speak. 🙂 And I also hate math with a passion. I had to take every class from Algebra I onwards twice. Bleagh.

  6. Thank you for including me!! I love your blog!! I always get excited when I see you’ve posted something new!

    By the way, I own the entire Friends seasons, and have watched them so much I couldn’t even put a number on it! I LOVE them!! They never get old!!

  7. Wow, thanks! My first blog award- you are so sweet!

  8. Thank you very much. What great company to be included in! Sorry I couldn’t respond sooner…we’ve been in AZ for my graduation. When I can breathe again, I will acknowledge on it on my blog. For now, I’ve got piles of laundry to tackle! 🙂

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