Sometimes I don’t like to sew. (and other ramblings)

Yes, it’s true. Sometimes I do not enjoy sewing. I have been having a particularly hard time lately with sewing clothes-failed projects and ruined fabric doesn’t exactly scream productivity and inspiration. Sometimes my mojo leaves without letting me know and goes on vacation. Rude, right? (hopefully it comes back soon)

But you know what? I’m ok with that. I’m ok with not producing a new clothing tutorial every few days. I hope you are too. Because if there’s one thing I’m realizing lately, is that I need to blog for me. I need to be inspired and caught up in a project, and not just make something so that I have something to post about. (guilty as charged!)

Do you know what I mean? So many times we can get caught up in “keeping up with the Joneses” aka other bloggers…and I just get tired of it sometimes. I am not superwoman, though I have tried valiantly. (waste of time, BTW) That picture above is my pile of mending, WIP’s, and projects I’ve given up on, if you don’t believe me. πŸ˜‰Β 

Don’t get me wrong, I have a bunch of projects in the queue and I’m having a blast with the nursery redo…I just have blogger’s guilt I guess….about not sewing up clothes….which used to be what I did the most of!

Β source

I love blogging. I love the community, and all the wonderful people I’ve met doing this. I’m definitely not quitting by any means…just scaling back a bit. What does that mean? Probably a few less posts a week. I’m not going to set rules for myself, or try to keep up with the schedule I have had for so long. (posting M-F) If I don’t have a post written up for the next day, I’m not going to stress or try and throw something together! I’m going to do fewer giveaways and guest posts too. Although they’re fun, they’re a lot of work, and do take time. Precious time I’d probably rather spend with my girls. Or work on my own blog content.

Anyways. I just needed to get that out there. Thanks for listening, and thanks soo much for reading. I appreciate your support and friendship more than you can know.


  1. I have tossed two projects this past week too! Nothing like that to humble the sewer…

    I’m so glad you are taking time for yourself! I am the worst blogger sometimes, but that’s ok! We all still know how awesome you are.

  2. Good for you, Jess. Spend time with your sweet daughters before daughter no. 3 comes along.

  3. Chiming in with the others – take your time and don’t worry about a M-F schedule!

    I’d love to see what you’ve made with the Katagami fabric on top of the pile, though, because I just finished a dress using the exact same fabric! (

  4. I will still check back often Jess to see what you are up to – and I enjoy reading about ‘life’ just as much as sewing and projects. I have about 10 pins of tutorials from you to catch up on so your break will give me time to get up to speed! Please don’t ever feel guilty – blogging and sewing should be fun and not an onerous chore for you. enjoy your time spent on other things – or indeed doing not much at all. Thank YOU for what you do.

  5. I think that is the great thing about blogging, it is YOURS – do what you want. And spending time with your precious littles is so special!
    I have that orange dot fabric – it is going to become a skirt for baby girl. I’ve had so many projects fail in past times – just walk away, time give a new perspective ;o)

  6. I adore your blog and check it every day. I don’t need to read about sewing, I just love knowing how you’re getting on and how your girls are. I used to post every day but I’m in the middle of chemo and can’t manage it now – I post around every other day. I love doing it though! Hopefully without a schedule to keep to you’ll enjoy it more x

  7. there is a reason why you are as popular as you are – it is your personality we follow! The sewing tutes are fantastic and top notch, but it is because of who YOU are that we keep coming back. You always make me laugh, make me feel like I am talking to a good friend, someone I can relate to and learn from. And someone I can reach out to if I need an ear. We all have the thrown away projects, and I lost my mojo a few weeks back as well. Luckily it returned from its mini-vaca.

    I decided something while my mojo was gone – it is Summer. Yup, newsflash.

    But seriously though – everything needs a time to rest. Even our blog. And for the next few weeks remaining in August. I am going to do exactly that. Come back in September swinging. And everything that gets posted for the remainder of August (reruns, guest posts, and the new tutorial here and there – well, that is just bonus). But I am not going to fret over it. Nope, I am going to the pool or beach instead!

    You do the same – wish I could say I will see you there. After all, nothing beats swimming when you are preggers in the Summer! πŸ™‚

  8. Good for you!

  9. Thanks for being REAL! Enjoy this time! Still love your blog!! :o)

  10. Right on Jess! Enjoy what’s left of summer and time with your kiddos! We, your loyal followers, will all be here whether you post daily or weekly because we love you!

  11. I check in to several blogs when I need a break from my etsy shop. I always think that you have soo many posts! I TOTALLY hear what you are saying and don’t know how you bloggers do it, really. Time for crafting, projects, sewing, and blogging? Oh, and being a MOM and wife! Seriously? What I like most about your blog is YOU. (I did read your entire “about me” section if that tells you anything!) You are candid, honest, funny, sweet, and easy going. I think it’s great you put your post out there and said “this is it folks, if you don’t like it, blow it out your paper leg!” There is not enough time in the day–we all know that. So enjoy, take a break, find a new balance, enjoy your girls….and we’ll still be here!

  12. I hear ya, friend! Do what makes you happy and fills you up. πŸ™‚

  13. you’re awesome Jess – great post!!

  14. Love to hear you’re blogging for you. I had to do this as well. We were hosting a link party and it was so much work. I’d rather be crafting! So we don’t have the party anymore and I’m grateful. Glad you can do the same and stay true to yourself. I love all of your posts, thrifting finds, parties, nursery redos, and sewing.

  15. Something tells me that whole “pregnancy thing” might be the cause of this? But seriously, who wouldn’t understand. Stay true to your heart and P.S. I love that quote.

  16. Big hugs!!! My blog has been doing so much better since I decided only to post 3 times a week. Less stress!

  17. “People before things” πŸ™‚ You are going to need the extra time when Baby comes. From 2 to 3 is a big jump! Do what is best for you & your family. πŸ™‚

  18. Jess you are wonderful! Love your blog, love you! I have seen so many people posting about Camp on FB, and I always think of you and my cousin when I was your JC! πŸ™‚

  19. Jess you are wonderful! Love your blog, love you! I have seen so many people posting about Camp on FB, and I always think of you and my cousin when I was your JC! πŸ™‚

  20. Jess you are wonderful! Love your blog, love you! I have seen so many people posting about Camp on FB, and I always think of you and my cousin when I was your JC! πŸ™‚

  21. Good for you Jess!

  22. I agree with all the above comments. We love your blog, and we love hearing about your craft/sewing projects AND your life. But with another baby on the way myself, I know exactly what you mean. Besides, the third trimester should be a time of mental relaxation and peace….that last deep breath before the storm, right!
    But I have to admit that I will miss reading your posts. I love to sit down with a cup of coffee for a few minutes of relaxation and see what’s new on your blog. Take care of yourself!

  23. You are still Super Woman in my book. Do what’s best for yourself and your family. Your “fans” love you and support you.

  24. Ah-ha! So you are human! I was convinced this whole time that you were super-woman with all that you manage to get done! You should be so incredibly proud of yourself! But the truth is that we all need a break sometimes….and it seems so much more important when you have a little one on the way. There’s something special about appreciating the little ones before adding one more to the mix. Which is just to say, you do whatever you need to do…break, no break, you know that we’ll be here with you and for you!

  25. Aw, great post, Jess. I feel you too – even though the guest posts and “posts for others” are fun, they do take lots of time and all of us mamas have just a limited supply of that! I think cutting back on your posting is a great idea – though your tutorial schedule for a while there was incredible, I think it’s good to take time to really work through ideas and stretch your creative muscles sometimes too. Oh and also, it IS summer and you ARE pregnant. Enjoy! I’ll love you no matter what – like other gals have said, it’s your writing and personality that keeps me coming back, not just your sewing! πŸ™‚

  26. Great post! I’ve been reading for about a year and I love to read about your life just as much as I love to marvel at your adorable creations. I’ll enjoy whatever you have to share, whenever you get around to sharing it! πŸ™‚

  27. I’m glad to know other people do this too! And can I say, you and your blog have inspired me so much to try new things with my sewing. No more cookie cutter patterns over here! I am working on my girls’ birthday dresses right now and I think they’re going to be amazing! One of them is a take-off on your Amelia dress (and its for my little Amelia! Well-named!) Thanks for blogging!

  28. Jess, your blog is awesome and I’ll still be a faithful follower even if you only post once a week! Family is the most important thing. Your girls will grow up and they won’t say “I’m so glad Mom had a super successful blog and spent 6 hours a day stressing about posts.” They will remember every moment and fun thing you did together.

    When I started my blog, I told my husband I didn’t know how I could compete with the M-F bloggers who always had loads of tutorials, but I just had to tell myself that it’s okay. I have the time to post a couple of times a week and that’s my blogging pace and I’m okay with that. People follow you because of your fun personality and your quality work. That won’t change if you need to slow down and spend time with your biggest priorities! Thanks for being open and honest about how it’s going…that’s why we love you!

  29. As things have changed for me through the last year, I’ve stepped back quite a bit…and my blog’s become more personal. I am really enjoying that right now. Twice a week is all I can do. πŸ™‚

  30. Oh don’t get blog exhausted, just do what you like, make what you like and be yourself :o)

  31. I want you to know that I enjoy your blog but totally support your decision to scale back a little. When sewing is no longer fun and you are feeling overwhelmed, it is best to let some things go. And as I have mentioned to other young moms who have also made this decision, you really can’t buy back this time you have with your small children and in the grand scheme of things it is so fleeting! I follow you in Google reader so will look forward to the days when you are up for posting. In the meantime thanks for sharing so much of your time and talents and I hope you enjoy a more relaxed life!

  32. You’re awesome! If you post 7 days a week or just one, I’ll be here to check it out. πŸ™‚ So don’t stress! (I know, I know… much easier said than done). πŸ™‚

  33. I totally agree with this post. I have been thinking many of these thoughts in connection with my blog and my life lately. And I love that poster. It is going to be my new motto for life. Thanks for being genuine and letting us see that in this post.

  34. I agree! Sewing is NO fun when it wastes fabric or turns out wrong!
    I’ll miss seeing your regular posts, but I understand the need to step back sometimes, and create for the fun of creating, instead of creating to blog. =)

  35. I have more of your tutorials pinned than from any other place, and if you never write another, you have given extravagantly to your readers! Thank you for all you’ve shared and please enjoy every moment of this time waiting for the littlest sister!

  36. Anonymous says

    Spending time with family comes first…I so enjoy your blog and understand, completely! Thanks for the time you spend…it is appreciated! Blessings!

  37. Anonymous says

    Keep it real girl! Take time for family and yourself, relax. Whatever and whenever you post, I am sure I will enjoy reading. Thanks for your honesty

  38. I love reading your blog whatever you write about. And what I especially love is that you are HUMAN. That makes all the fantastic stuff you do even more cool. Take all the time you need, your blog readers (me for sure) will still be there.

  39. I send you a hug from Germany. You shared such a lot of great ideas that I think you don’t need an excuse to slow down. I’m going to follow your blog even with less activity

  40. I will admit, I do look forward to your posts every day BUT I also wonder how you get it together EVERY day to post!! So I completely understand feeling the need to scale back. You do such great work and I love it all. Looking forward to what you have in store and I will not be disappointed if you have to take a break now and then. Doesn’t everyone deserve a break??

  41. Hi Jess,
    I have always been amazed with your schedule. I’m glad your taking time for yourself, don’t feel guilty. You are an inspiration, you know when it’s time to cut back.
    Lately, my inner motto has been “quality not quantity.” This can be applied to many areas in life. I am working on it. I have to go back to work full time, I am not super mom and I will (try) not pressure myself to do more than I can handle.
    You have many fans. I am grateful for the time you have shared. If the next and last post I see is a picture of your new baby. I would be content.

  42. Jess you are fantastic! Hope your mojo comes back though; I know how that feels and it’s not that fun.

  43. It’s ok to ‘slack’ for a few days – I can’t keep up with your tutorial anyways…! πŸ˜€

    And sometimes I wonder how you manage to take care of 2 girls at home and still do all the sewings, so I completely acceptable and normal if you find it a chore to sew when all you want to do is relax and enjoy the kids, until the sewing mojo is back πŸ™‚

  44. Good for you, Jess! It’s so easy to get into a blog routine and then feel like you HAVE to keep up with it, ike people rely on it. We all love to read your blog, but if there are a few less posts a week, that’s fine, we’ll still keep coming back! Have fun with your girls! I know a lot of bloggers who have lost their sewing mojo lately, me included! I’ve made the same pair of mittens (its Winter here) 3 times and I’ve given up on them!

  45. OMGoodness! Everything you said is perfctly normal. At least that’s what I tell myself when I say it! πŸ™‚ I’ve always wondered how you come up with SO many tutorials and blog SO much! I can barely do three days a week and one of those days isn’t even anything I’ve made. Take a break! we’ll still be here! πŸ™‚

  46. I was thinking of posting a similar blog today about this very thing! I feel so much “pressure” to have a post daily especially since I am newer to blogging. Appreciate your down to earthness and honestly! πŸ™‚

  47. Jess dont feel guilty. You have to be true to yourself and keep priorities straight or bring them back in order. To me spending more time with your girls will be something that all of you would feel good about. They are with us at home for such a short time really. To have the opportunity to be able to spend time is truly a gift from God and should be used wisely.
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  48. Sounds like a great decision. I like your blog because you’re real, not just because of all the tutorials (although I like those too!). Give yourself a break…we’ll still be here πŸ™‚

  49. Hey Jess,

    I meant to comment yesterday, but time got away from me. Good for you! I’ve always been amazed by the amount of posts you put out. I’ve never been a M-F blogger. Some weeks I have lots to share, others not so much. I think, especially with having young children, you have to keep it fun and just share what you enjoy. Good for you for taking a step back……everyone needs a break now and again. And think about it this way, the less you post, the more excited people will get when they see you pop up in their reader!!

  50. Haha. I SO agree. I feel like I hit this wall kind of a long time ago. And it’s not that you hate blogging or sewing or creating, you just hate the pressure. Or at least I did. I’ve since made a lot of “scaling back” decisions and at times I wonder if I’m “doing things right.” Having sponsors gets so tricky (and sticky sometimes, let’s be honest) and takes so much time. I hate to say that I’m relieved I don’t have any sponsors right now, but… I am. And I definitely know what you mean about feeling like you “should” be posting about certain kinds of things. Especially since I stared working more seriously on my book, the content on my blog has been a lot different than it was before. The sewing projects are for the book, so the blog has been seeing a lot more preschool activities and personal posts. And sometimes I feel bad about that. But overall, I’ve decided/come to realize that I think it’s okay to be a human being and have more than just one or two sides of ourselves to show. I think the important thing is that you (and I mean YOU, not just the general you) have great style and passion for what you do and what you make and that will shine through whatever you’re doing, whether it be sewing or crafting or baking or parenting or just plain living in the world. And I think that is what’s most inspiring.

  51. I have been in a creative funk for MONTHS and just finally this week feel like I’ve got my mojo back. I have enjoyed taking it a little slower, but getting my sewing machine all dusted off felt great! I even broke a needle woohoo! hahaha

    And besides, you have SO MANY tutorials that I want to try already, so I’m totally cool with you relaxing it a bit so I can catch up πŸ™‚

  52. Good on you Jess- keep that passion alive and don’t be a slave to the blog! A rest is a blessing. You are amazing!


  53. Just wanted to chime in, Jess, right along with the others. I enjoy reading about everyday things just as well as the sewing stuff. And thanks for being transparent about this. It’s encouraging to me that even more seasoned sewers have projects that discourage them that they have to give up on. πŸ™‚ I appreciate your blog and what you’ve shared with us all. You inspire me to work harder at getting better at sewing.

  54. Jess,

    Enjoy some time off! We all need to decompress at one time or another. πŸ™‚

  55. You are so amazing. Just know that. Motherhood and sanity are just as important as sewing projects. Maybe? Course! Love you! I had to scale everything to follow around my “appetite for destruction” son.

  56. You deserve to take a step back to enjoy your pregnancy and to enjoy your family in general! We will always love you and support you so take the time you need. When you do post it will be even more of a surprise to people so maybe that is a good thing. That baby and those cute little girls need you to be there for them right now so enjoy the summer months and just enjoy life!

  57. Enjoy time with your children, they grow up too fast.

  58. Well said Jess!

    I especially like what you said at the end. Sometimes it’s so easy to say yes to this giveaway and that guest post that eventually your blog doesn’t feel totally your own anymore. I am guilty of that. Thank you for the inspiration to get back to the basics of why I love blogging. You are an inspiration in everything you do. I am amazed at how talented you are. Seriously in awe.

  59. Good for you Jess! M-F is just way to much, especially when off line life is so full. I scaled back a couple years ago and some months I post daily, some not at all! It feels so great not to care =)

    Enjoy the freedom!

  60. I’m a little late, but I felt the same way many many times! I love your blog and what a positive place it is! I love blogging too! It is a motivation for me to continue on with my strengths, even if the posts aren’t perfect perfect! I love that even your “complaining” post has a positive spin to it. Thanks for keeping it real and expressing what we all feel!

  61. i feel ya, i’ve got so many projects that need to be done, but no time or motivation to do them, and everything else gets in the way. I have like 6 giveaways or reviews coming up and I just want to scale back a bit after those so I can focus on sewing (ya know what I started my blog about). Hope your mojo comes back soon!

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