we’re in a magazine!

no, that's not our kitchen on the cover. (it is nice though) however, it is the cover of the latest issue of Kitchen and Bath Makeovers. (a better homes and gardens special interest publication) why would i be showing you this? cause our kitchen is in it!awhile back, after our kitchen was posted on Young House Love (formerly known as this young … [Read more...]

la di dah

Guest blogger. Another thing to add to my not-useful-anymore-resume. At least the regular one. Now I have a crafting resume. hehe. I know you've seen the shirt tutorial by now...but if you want to see it somewhere else on the web, go here! ----> www.utahdealdiva.comIf anything, you can go talk about how cool you think I am. (which is waay) and hey, … [Read more...]

Cora Paige

I was sifting through all the blogs I read last week and found a mention of a family that had just lost their 11 month old baby girl to cancer, three weeks (!) after being diagnosed. My heart was heavy and I cried for this little girl and her parents. I can't imagine what they are going through. However, they are honoring their daughter by raising … [Read more...]

Kitchen redo a go-go

A month or two ago I sent in pictures of our redone kitchen to This Young House, one of my favorite home design blogs. They post reader re-do's, befores and afters of rooms their readers have done. Well, they posted our kitchen today, you can find it by clicking here! While you're there, check out some of their rooms, or their wedding photos, … [Read more...]

Piggyback rides and blogaversaries

Aww, her first piggyback ride. (as Mommy hovered nearby slightly nervous and Daddy made fun of her being overprotective) So sweet! She looks like she's having fun! She's got that half-smile down pat! Aww lil' pudgy cheeks!In blogging news, today is my blogaversary! So, in celebration of doing this for one whole year, give me a shout out! … [Read more...]

Birdie Art

I made some super cute & easy art for the little one's room today. I bought these birdie vinyl stickers from this etsy store, stuck them to some scrapbook paper, slapped it in some Ikea frames, and tada! Instant art! lol.P.S. Also, I got "interviewed" for a crafting blog for my etsy store and it's up already. Here it is, if you want to check it … [Read more...]

Kitchens, hats, booties and blogs.

Hi there everyone! Welcome to a smorgasbord (sp?) of information. Yesterday Rory and my dad attached the plywood to the cabinets for the base for the counter tops, and it looks good! They also filled in a gap that we had because of our window placement (don't get me started), and after tonight we're gonna be all ready to get the counter tops … [Read more...]

Another reason I love blogs…

I got a message on my etsy site today from this lady who runs a sort of product review, here-is-some-cool-stuff-for-moms site. She had found my store and wrote some really nice things about it! Here's the link if anyone is interested.House update: We're supposed to get the keys for the house tomorrow or Friday!Baby update: She's getting big! and … [Read more...]

First Blog!

After hearing about blogs, reading them, and being bombarded with websites to use...I finally decided to jump on the bandwagon! Besides, it's easier than me trying to keep an actual journal. Like get out a pen, and everything! Sheesh, too much work! So...I am gonna backtrack a little, post about some past events, but not too long ago...so I won't … [Read more...]