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I got the sweetest package in the mail yesterday from my super sweet bloggy friend Corey. She sent a gorgeous card, the sweetest, softest, pink hat for the baby, and a cute little big sister bracelet for Sadie. All packaged in adorable fabric bags. I was so surprised!

What a wonderful gesture from someone I’ve never even met in real life. It just goes to show that these blogs we have and read are more than just a page on the internet…and the people you can meet are genuine and awesome! Thanks Corey!

I was also lucky enough to get surprised with a mini shower last Wednesday, put together by my best friend Cassy: a dinner out with two other friends, Aimee and Kim, and some (much needed) useful gifts; like diapers, wipes, a baby food book, etc. Thank you guys soo much for that!

As this baby get closer and closer to coming, I get more and more scared. Just kidding. (only a little) I am so excited to meet her little face, and knowing what to do with a baby this time around makes me feel a little more prepared. Nervous about Sadie’s reaction, but she loves my belly aka “sister” (she decorated it with stickers today at church, lol!), so hopefully we can convince her to love the baby too! Any advice you may have for bringing home the second baby, would be oh so welcome!

A huge THANK YOU to you readers too, for being so sweet and supportive! ๐Ÿ˜€ I would still be blogging if no one read it, but I’ll be honest, it’s nice to know someone is, and every time I get a comment I still get so excited! (nerdily so.)

So, lay it on me, TIPS, people!? thanks!


  1. Have a gift for her that you take to the hospital with you it should be to Sadie from her new sister !!! Give it to her once the baby is born and she gets to see her for the first time ๐Ÿ™‚ good luck chicadee

  2. I don’t have any new baby or big sister advice, since I don’t have kids yet. But i do read your blog, I can’t even remember how I found it. But I definitely enjoy it, and love hearing about your adventures and all the amazing things you make for Sadie! Definitely an inspiration for when I do have kids of my own!

  3. I’m so excited for you – and excited to see pics of your new little bundle of joy!

    One thing someone told me & worked well when Maren was teeny weeny – attend to the needs of the older child first. Being cared for promptly (and first!) makes a big difference to the older child – not having to wait around and feel like the baby is taking precedence all the time – but to the baby, in the long run, it probably makes no difference (even if she’s screaming her head off). For the 6 months that my husband was gone, it felt like someone was crying or waiting for something all. the. time. so it’s kind of psycho for the first little while. But it wears off once you get into a good groove. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. cute stuff! don’t have much advice for the second child. I guess just hang in there!! I struggled A LOT (still do) up until my youngest was 6 weeks old, it just gets easier as they get older.

  5. When our younger children were born, we made sure we let the older ones be a part of the whole process all the time. And we talked about how wonderful it is to be a part of a family, how lucky their little brother/sister was to have such sweet and caring siblings and how much fun they all were going to have together.

    They never have been jealous. From the first moment they wanted to take care of their little brother or sister and play with them. Really cute.

    We always made sure too, by the way, to spend alone time with the other children every now and then too. We made sure they always knew they all are equally important to us and we love them all to pieces, but sometimes one gets more attention, because it’s needed, and some other time it can be another. They really understand that, they even did when they were just toddlers.

    So don’t worry and remember to enjoy. I think when you radiate joy because of your beautiful family and the new baby that’s part of it yourself, the little one will pick up on it soon enough.


  6. When I had my 3rd, she came bearing gifts, and although my girls had been excited about the baby they were very happy to have a new toy aswell. Playing with it providing mummy and baby with a bit of peace and quiet too!
    They probably still think that the my little pony playset was in my belly too! lol!
    I also let them pick a teddy for their new sister before she arrived, to welcome her.

  7. My little advice is to let Sadie help with the baby. Like when you are changing the diaper, let Sadie pull some out and hand them to you. I did that with Kadie, and it made her feel important and more caring for Gavin then resentful. It made her want to protect him and help him. I lucked out because Kadie never had a hard time having a new baby in the house. She loved him from the beginning.

  8. How sweet of COREY!!! That is really awesome how blogs can connect people!

  9. My best advice would be togetherness. Each of the babies in our house is held first by the older siblings. Before Dad, sometimes even before Mom. The children have also all been present for the other births, in the hospital room or bedroom for those that come at home. Building the importance of that sibling bond will definitely help with the adjustment.

    A little time before visitors is also key since it lets the sibling(s) get comfortable holding/caring for the baby before others get a chance to. That way Sadie can introduce HER sister to other family members/friends with the confidence that she knows her best.

    Good luck, have fun, may manymore come your way (should that be the plan, of course)

  10. Tips…okay. I’ve got a seven page document around here somewhere….

    1. Don’t forget to take care of Mommy. Just five minutes to take a shower or take a deep breath can make all the difference in the world.

    2. Nursing time was reading time for us. I would sit down to nurse N or J and big sister and I would read from her books. SOFT books only the first few times! My big girls would actually ask if it was time to feed baby and go RUN to get their book basket.

    3. Baby carriers are your friend. Invest in a comfy one (or better yet, borrow for a while) and you can still hang out with big sister while having baby in the peanut swing, bjorn, ergo…

    4. I hired the local ten year old to come and play with big sister/big sisters. I was in the house, (shower? nap? laundry?) and the girls got undivided attention from a glamorous big girl that they adore for an hour or two.


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