mustard washi dress

mustard washi dress \\ craftiness is not optional

I wanted to love how this dress turned out-but a few things happened that leaves it hanging in my closet.

But….I still wanted to blog it since not everything is a triumph! and I will give the washi another shot, of course!

All the things I did wrong were my own fault. as is per usual.

mustard washi dress \\ craftiness is not optional

the two things that didn’t quite work out-the darts in the bodice turned out a little pointy. I did all the usual tricks but maybe it just needs a good steaming or wash?

Anyways. the second thing was I think (I made this last summer), I messed up around the armholes with something and had to cut it a little smaller, and it ended up being pretty tight at the shoulders.

Which, for a linebacker like me, is a bummer.

mustard washi dress \\ craftiness is not optional

ย I LOVE the print and color! and fit besides all that up there.

Fabric is Bari J for Art Gallery-“ripples Mustard gold and cream scallops”.

(thrifted cardi, btw. isn’t it awesome?)

mustard washi dress \\ craftiness is not optional


mustard washi dress \\ craftiness is not optional

I miss my long hair.

mustard washi dress \\ craftiness is not optional

Gotta get on making another Washi soon!

mustard washi dress \\ craftiness is not optional


  1. Cute fabric and you look so good in it! Also love the shoes!

  2. I love love love it anyways!
    Gorgeous colour and fabric!
    And you seem to be wearing very pretty shoes, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I love this dress – it looks like a great Summer make.

  4. just love it!

  5. The dress is lovely and the color suits you great!
    Regarding the darts, IMHO the darts are to high, it ends above your apex and thus gatters and look pointy, I would lower them by an inch ( and maybe make shorter by 1/3 inch.)
    Whasi is a great pattern , love it too.

  6. Aww hate it when that happens! So I’m a linebacker too and I’ve realized that I need to cut one size larger on the back than the front — it allows for more room if you have big shoulders. Anyway, that might be a solution. And the pointy darts…yeah I need to make a video…there’s a technique for sewing them that is hard to explain but works rather nicely!!!

  7. You look so gorgeous!!!! seriously mustard is so your thing!! Sorry that you had a few blips, I’ve had my fair share of making things that don’t actually fit. Hopefully your next will turn out just how you like. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • thanks Anna! Glad to hear that mustard looks good on me, since I just bought a pair of shoes, skirt, cardi, and bag in that color! lol!

  8. We are always our biggest critics! I think you look adorable! And I love the fabric! And the cardigan! Too many exclamation points!!

  9. The first picture of you is so flattering! The fabric, style & color of this dress is really nice. If you made it sleeveless could it be salvageable? I’ve noticed recently that I wear knit dresses, skirts much more than, not sure if that helps you.

  10. Oh no! Well, despite it’s issues, it looks really cute on you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to seeing your next washi!

  11. Christie Johnston says

    Love the print and color! Cut the top off and make a great skirt?

  12. It looks great on you especially with the cute cardi. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Could you make up another top and use the bottom? Love that fabric!

  14. I love your fabric. Use the one you’ve made as a fitting tutorial. I’d say, just looking at your photos, that you need a minor full bust adjustment to the bodice (like… 1/2″ maybe, but your measurements would determine how much) , and probably to lower the darts 1/2″ to an inch. Also, there is extra fabric between your bust and your shoulder… that wrinkling and slight gaping between on the upper chest shouldn’t happen. A full bust adjustment might fix that, but you might need to take some of the length out, but make sure you maintain the size of the armhole. It also looks like the bodice back is too long and needs to be shortened. Use this one as a learning experience. Patterns for adult bodies are really only a starting point. 99% of the time they will not fit properly straight of of the envelope and need adjustments and tweaks to make their proportions match our own body proportions. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been learning a TON about fitting lately and it and it makes such a world of difference in how I like the things I sew for myself. Thanks for sharing your misses along with your hits. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I think it looks really good on you!! I love the paytern and the color looks really good on you!! Th is for sharing even though you don’t like how it turned out. It’s nice to know that others run into problems too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. That fabric makes a pretty cute Washi! I agree with a few of the comments above that the darts need to be lowered a tad and shortened a tad…. it should really help prevent the pokiness. =) A bummer it doesn’t get worn much!

  17. Um, it’s really, really cute!! I need to try making this….wonder how a maternity washi would turn out!

  18. Love it! Thanks for telling us what went wrong…I think it will help me avoid the same mistakes when I come to make it. Still, it looks great. Try streaming the darts and let us know how it turns out…

  19. Love this on you but I totally know the feeling. Thanks for sharing what didn’t work for you- that kind of info is super helpful for me!

  20. I just finished mine and also had a few hiccups that were completely my own fault. Thank you for sharing your experience. Not everything is a triumph, but everything is experience ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. I love this dress! Perfect fabric. I know what you mean about the linebacker problems! I made the Cappuccino dress from Liesl recently and same issue! I had to eeek out a cm total re-doing my seams where I could, because of course i overlocked everything before I tried it on!

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