the big nursery reveal!

Finally, it's here....the moment you've all been waiting for! haha...ok maybe the moment I've been waiting for! The nursery reveal! I had so much fun redecorating the nursery for little girl #3 (she does have name...yes an "A" name but we're not telling yet...such a tease, I know), and poured every last bit of second trimester energy that I had … [Read more...]

wood & wire display frame

I've been working on this little wire frame for the nursery off and on for like a month-it turned into one of those projects, ya know? Every little step turned into an ordeal...ok maybe not that bad, and maybe it really was my pregnant back aches from leaning over to paint it...haha! Either way it turned out just how I imagined so all's well that … [Read more...]

embroidery hoops-and a few mini tutorials!

You may have seen bits and pieces of the embroidery hoop decor I made for the new nursery, but here they are all together! With a few mini tutorials also! I gotta say I'm loving this posting less often thing I've started doing. I'm a lot less stressed out about projects, and I'm even working on a new dress tutorial! My mojo is on it's way … [Read more...]

scalloped garland tutorial

Hey Howdy Hey....channeling Woody the cowboy today I guess. I don't know why I say these things sometimes. Moving I had a bunch of random scraps of fabric leftover from the quilt and other projects, so I decided to make a fun scalloped garland to swankify a wall in the new nursery. Yes, that's a word...  I am so close to being done … [Read more...]

Word Whipped wood sign review and giveaway!

***This giveaway is now closed. See the winner below!*** Hey guys! I have another sneak peek at a few nursery projects, plus a fabulous review/giveaway for you today! Holly from the adorable Etsy shop, Word Whipped (cute name, right?) was sweet enough to send me this wooden sign for the new nursery...and I big ol' fat heart the heck out of it. I … [Read more...]

ruffled crib skirt

I just love how the ruffled crib skirt came out for the new nursery! It took some time, of course...all that ruffling doesn't happen instantly...(unfortunately)...but I just watched some Netflix and it wasn't too painful. I used about 3 yards of fabric for the ruffles. (from the Mod Basics organic line from my sponsor Fabricworm!) I basically … [Read more...]

nursery progress

 I've been having SO much fun redoing the nursery for this newest little one! You might have seen my fabric choices here, and here's a few more sneak peeks at the progress! I am juggling like a bajillion projects right now and I LOVE it! Nothing better than getting creative and crafty...I live for it. :D Here's a little peek at the wall above her … [Read more...]

ombre dresser redo

I heart ombre. There's just something about all those shades of the same color that is so gorgeous! I already knew I wanted to paint our nursery dresser, which was pretty plain jane white...a walmart special we bought when we were getting ready for Sadie. (aka really cheap aka we were poor) I saw my friend Melanie paint her dresser drawers like … [Read more...]

herringbone baby quilt

 Tada! I present to you: the baby's new quilt. With some help from my Facebook peeps I decided on a herringbone quilt design, and I love how it turned out! I saw the idea here, and there is a pattern for it, but as usual, I thoroughly winged it. I have only followed a quilt pretty much never...I'm a rebel what can I say? (the lamest … [Read more...]

Up Up and Away! Mobile tutorial and pattern!

I'm out of anything witty to say today, so here's the tutorial! So first let me show you how I put together this simple wooden mobile hanger. See below for the rest! You'll need: One 2" wooden block 3/8" dowel cut to 9" length...of course you can go longer or shorter if you prefer! 2 of those circle things that screw into wood. (I know, … [Read more...]