new desk shelf/removable wallpaper awesomeness

I am so excited to share with you this new little shelf my dad helped me build the other week! I designed it to fit along the back of my computer desk and it’s proven to be great for storing those crafty tools you always need nearby. (and the chocolate chips…I can never work without those!) It’s constructed really simply-just some boards cut to lengths and then held together with screws-but it’s the back of the shelf that really makes it unique! More about that further down…I got the little metal containers up top and the wooden crates at Michaels-and covered the crates with, you guessed it….washi tape! The one up top houses my tape, glue, stapler…and the one on bottom, my glue gun and tray. I also store my glue sticks, magnets, and my circle punches on the shelf.

I got to work with this great new company, Chasing Paper, on this shelf! They sent me some of their removable wallpaper to play with! I chose their coral pinwheel design… Soo…obviously I stuck it to the back of my shelf! It couldn’t have been easier. I measured, cut, and stuck it on the wood back we cut to fit. (then my Dad stapled it to the back of the shelf….thanks Dad!) Like I said, it’s removable, so it’s easy to re-adjust if it gets a little crooked or whatnot. Really easy. They have some adorably stylish designs…and they are perfect for using as it’s intended-wallpaper-or you could stick it to anything-almost literally! Frame it, stick it on a table, stool, laptop…..see more ideas on their FB page!

The second design they sent me I used on other small projects in my craft room…more on that another day, with the new craft room reveal…which will happen basically when I can finish cleaning it up and take some nice pics. I’m excited with the changes that I’ve made so far, it’s really helped me become more focused while I’m working, and I have really tried to embrace the saying “a place for everything, and everything in it’s place.” Let’s hope it sticks!

 Also-if spring has you in a competitive mood, make sure to enter the Sew-Off over on Naptime Crafters! I’m a judge and I can’t wait to see all the fab projects that are sure to be created!


  1. It’s wonderful!! very bright and lively corner! Hugs!

  2. I love the bookshelf! I can’t wait for the new craft room reveal!

  3. I love your bookshelf and those giant scissors. Did you make those too?
    I also really like your “Pin it” button on your photos. Did you do that yourself or is the code out on the web somewhere?

  4. cute!!! I love it so much jess. And love that you made the shelf with your dad. I love making stuff like that, just wish I was better at it! I’m jealous of skilled carpenters. 🙂 I guess I’ll just be a ‘carpenter’ of fabric for now. hehehe oh and that wire basket, where do I get that from??? 🙂

  5. Wow how cute and simple to do. That print can go for any gender. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Very cute shelf! Love the colors. Where did you get the calendar hanging on the wall? It’s cute and colorful too. 🙂

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