works in progress…

Hey, all! How was your weekend? Mine was busy and fun! I thought I'd show you some of my works in progress right now. (of course there are a million-point-five projects on the eventual to-do list, but we'll see which ones get done, eh?) The other day, Sadie and I walked down to a garage sale down the street from our house, and I found this … [Read more...]

fabric puzzle blocks tutorial

Sorry it only took me like 2 months, but here's the tutorial for the puzzle blocks I made for One Month to Win It! You'll need:wooden blocks (mine were 2" wide and I bought them here)6 different fabrics (I go into detail on where I got my fabric and what designers they are made by here.) Mod Podgefoam brushrotary cutter and ruler It's pretty … [Read more...]

wooden scissors

My dad and I made these awesome wooden scissors together in his wood shop the other week-one pair for my sewing room, the other for my mom for Mother's Day. These bad boys are almost 2 feet long, and I loove them. They go well with my giant buttons. haha. What other sewing tools can I enlarge? hmm... We made them from some pine boards, and it … [Read more...]

family tree wall art

 tada! this was my project on One Month to Win It this week! Sorry the pics weren't fantastical...we've had nothing but cloudiness and rain here so I did my best. I loove how this project turned out! and this project won this week! (barely)...I couldn't believe that! wow! thanks everybody! So, when I first heard the theme this week would be … [Read more...]

invasion of the giant buttons

Remember these? Well, you can probably guess now what I did with them. Giant buttons! I sanded, primed, painted them, and then hot glued some ribbon in the holes I had Rory drill for me in the middles. I hung them up with those awesome Disc-hangers. (got mine on Ebay) I LOVE how they look on the wall, they make me smile every time I glance … [Read more...]

play kitchen canisters-trash to treasure

So, did anyone guess that this was my project? I thought it might be blatantly obvious, seeing how obsessed I am with felt food and Sadie's kitchen. I do love me a good pretend nibble. So here's how I made out! Two pictures ahead. Yes, only two. It's pretty self explanatory...and hard to take pictures of yourself painting. So … [Read more...]

photo displays

 I saw this idea for a photo display a few days before Christmas and decided to make a few for some close friends and my momma for Christmas gifts. (and one for me, muwahaha) They were so easy and fun!I forget how fun it is to get dusty and paint covered sometimes! (on a small scale, that is, haha)On a fun note-look at cute little baby Sadie in the … [Read more...]

dress up storage

Not that Sadie has a TON of dress up stuff yet, but I had this idea to make a dress up storage thingy, and it wouldn't leave me alone. The idea, that is. Don't you love (hate) ideas like that? just kidding, I really liked this project, really.Rory cut all the wood out and put it together last weekend (I helped!), and I spent the week painting it. … [Read more...]

little shelves

Rory helped me make these shelves last weekend. (ok, I held them while he screwed them together and painted them....he did the rest) Thank hun! They're in the Sadester's big girl room, and I love how they turned out! I got the idea here. Check out that post for more details of how they're made. We followed the tutorial, but used screws instead of … [Read more...]

word blocks giveaway

**** this giveaway is now closed**** so here's the long awaited reveal/giveaway! i made these letter blocks for rory's side of the family for christmas. my dad cut down two 4x4's for me, and i sanded them down on his power sander. (not by hand, i would have given up after one, no doubt) then i painted them...(many, many coats), and stuck the vinyl … [Read more...]