DIY color blocked painted utensils

I am super dee duper excited to share with you these adorable color-blocked painted utensils! I made them for my "mommy friends"  (as Sadie calls them....we usually exchange Valentines along side the kiddos at my annual Valentine party-if you are a friend of mine-LOOK AWAY. Or at least act surprised....), and I'm smitten. I grabbed some nice bamboo … [Read more...]

Robot Valentine-FREE printable

Sadie and I spent some time deciding on a fun toy she could give as her Valentine at school this year, and I was super excited that she picked these CUTE wind up robots. Cause, robots are awesome. Also, a great gender neutral Valentine! While we might add some candy in the bags, they are great as-is for schools or parties with a no-candy … [Read more...]

“berry sweet” Valentine FREE printable!

  I love love LOVE creating Valentines. Seriously, it makes me giddy with excitement. I know, I AM A GROWN WOMAN....but it's ok...the blog gives me the excuse to go overboard with corny, punny ideas and share them with you. right?.....I do it all in the name of blogging, guys. Really. ha ha.....anyways. Let's ignore my issues and move on to the … [Read more...]

vintage bow-tacular valentine

Just as promised, here's what we handed out to the girls at the party! Again, I found it in this flicker set, and then personalized it and added the label on bottom.  I just love the cute little giraffe and monkey!  Ok, the greeting is hopelessly cheesy....but all those vintage ones were dripping with cheese. (and some of them kinda suggestive, for … [Read more...]

vintage airplane valentine

Well ya'll know I went with a vintage Valentine theme for our exchange party this year. (which is probably my all time favorite know....out of the three years I've done it) So I happened upon this amazing flickr set of old fashioned valentines and spotted this adorable little guy in the red airplane. Sheesh, the cuteness!So I searched … [Read more...]

a vintage valentine party

We had our annual Valentines exchange party last week and it was so much fun! I chose a vintage Valentine theme and ran wild with it! Here is the dessert table I had set up-the kids were actually really good around it and only snitched candy off of it a few times without permission.....Ok, those were my kids. ;) I made some of my sugar … [Read more...]

vintage valentine wreath

I bought a bunch of these vintage valentines on Etsy and Ebay for my vintage themed valentines day party this year-but I was having the hardest time figuring out how to display them! First I started with a simple garland, with the valentines layered on top of doilies, then took that apart and did a garland with just the valentines....then took that … [Read more...]

hand sanitizer Valentine for Teachers

Sadie is getting so excited for the Valentines Day party at her preschool! (plus she'll have the one I'm hosting...lots of partying going on around here!) You saw the glowstick valentines she's handing out to her friends, and I thought I would do something special for her teachers. I found this idea here, and instead of lotion chose some yummy … [Read more...]

glowstick valentines and more!

Valentines Day is on it's way, so I've got a plethora of Valentine ideas for you today! First off are these super quick, super easy glowstick Valentines. I saw them floating around Pinterest and thought they were three things: 1. Fun!...who doesn't love a glowstick? (present company included) 2. Easy-all you have to do is print and cut. 3. … [Read more...]

DIY sugar body scrub

You saw in my Valentine's Day playdate post that I whipped up some "sugar mama" body scrub for my fellow playdate mamas-and when I say "whipped up", I mean it! The scrub was so easy and quick to put together...I actually started it and finished making it 10 minutes before I was supposed to pick my girls up from Grandma's house. I researched a … [Read more...]