vintage airplane valentine

Well ya’ll know I went with a vintage Valentine theme for our exchange party this year. (which is probably my all time favorite theme….you know….out of the three years I’ve done it) So I happened upon this amazing flickr set of old fashioned valentines and spotted this adorable little guy in the red airplane. Sheesh, the cuteness!

So I searched around online and found some of these awesome foam airplane kits (which Rory told me he used to get from the ice cream man! So nostalgic), and ordered a dozen. They were a sweet deal and they will be fun for the boys, I hope! (aka their dads most likely;) I added the “from Sadie and Charlotte”, then printed and cut them out, then taped them around the packet. I love the idea of giving tiny little gifts for Valentines Day!

Come back tomorrow to see what we made for the girls! And by we I mean me. Not true, Sadie helped me assemble them all! We had a blast!

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  1. I used to get those foam planes out of the treasure chest at the restaurants as a child. all the time. love the valentines.

  2. I used to play with those foam airplanes on occasion too… love the Valentine with them! =)

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