Valentine’s Day playdate

 I hosted another valentine exchange party this past week, and I think it was even better than last year!The kids had a blast playing with each other, passing out their cute little valentines, and of course, stuffing their faces with as many goodies as possible....and the mommas had a blast's what we do best. I made a tiny garland … [Read more...]

puzzle valentines

I spotted these adorable Valentine puzzles at Wally World aka Walmart ($2 for 6) and decided to grab some and make some last minute additions to pass out at our exchange party! After all, both girls need to hand out different valentines, right? (you all say: "right, Jess! More is always better!") So I made some (very rudimentary) labels … [Read more...]

"hogs" and kisses valentines day treats

So, I'm hosting another Valentine exchange this year and spent way too much time I had a lot of fun coming up with our Valentines this year! I found these gummy pigs and bought some Hershey's kisses, then packaged a few bags up to show ya with a cute tag that said: "Hogs" and Kisses from Sadie and Charlotte!  lol. I was pretty proud of myself for … [Read more...]

valentine’s day play date

I hosted a Valentine's Day play date and exchange today for Sadie and Charlotte's little friends (and mommies)-and it was so much fun! I didn't do too much decorating, but I did do these Conversation heart word garlands-which I LOVE. I cut them out of card stock on my Silhouette and taped them to some thread. Hung them up by winding the … [Read more...]

I "dig" you valentines

Red shovels+candy+ tag that says "I dig you!"=super cute valentines! I saw this idea somewhere last year and tucked it away in ye o'l brain of mine to do "someday", and was reminded this year, by this lovely lady! She was also kind enough to plug my kiddos names into her own printable and send it to me! What a nice gal-I just love blogland, for … [Read more...]

LOVE felt wall hanging tutorial

 I guess I"m in LOVE (hehe) with red and white together! It's so graphic and quite striking. (didn't I sound all designer-ish there? ha. ha. ha.) Wanna make this quick and easy wall hanging?Click below for more details! You'll need: felt-I used a wool felt blend, and got about 1/2 yard of white, and 1/3 yard of red, but didn't use half of … [Read more...]

happy (late) valentines day!

yummy cupcakes baked for our family dinner at my parents house last night! I saw the idea on this awesome blog, and they couldn't have been easier! (or cuter) You just melt some chocolate (I used almond bark), put it in a plastic bag with a corner cut off, and then pipe some hearts on wax paper. It helps to have a piece of paper with hearts traced … [Read more...]


need a last minute valentine idea? ruffles are cute and easy! i whipped up 7 or 8 of these cards in literally 10 minutes...just sew on a strip of material (i used some knit fabric to minimize fraying) to a card, tucking under and over as you go...take it from me, go slow so your ruffles are not crooked. these were the straightest i got. ;)sadie's … [Read more...]

crafts. messes. how fun.

sadie and i did a little valentine's day crafting today. and by we, i mean me.she did help me clean up the little foam hearts...kinda. well, she handed a few to me. we made this cute little garland for her play kitchen. i got a container of foam hearts in the dollar spot at target last year, and remembered to break them out this year before … [Read more...]