kids clothes week-grey fleece sweater

I love how this sweater turned out! I wish I’d lined it in cotton though, instead of more fleece, it’s a bit stiff in the arms. (Christmas Story style)

Anyways-it was fun to sew-and pretty easy to put together. I used this pattern.

Another piece for the Sadester’s fall/winter wardrobe!


  1. Mmmmm….nice and cozy.
    I might try some fleece this year–I usually avoid it since I can never pick my stitches out (and that part’s inevitable when I sew clothing, haha).

  2. Very cute!

  3. aren’t their patterns just yummy? I just ordered 4 different ones… can’t wait to try them out….
    yours came out amazing!!!

  4. So cute!!! That would be perfect to wear with some of their dresses to church!

  5. This is so adorable. Makes me wish I had a girl. 🙂 My little man wouldn’t dig the ruffles.

  6. Wow, I love it! Absolutely beautiful.

  7. I love this! How do you keep cranking out such adorable goodness? I’ve been a little obsessed with a similar looking one at Target for me. It’d be awesome to have a matchy one for my little girl!

  8. I LOVE this!! Was it very hard or was the pattern fairly simple? I’m a beginner.

  9. Adorable. The ruffles, the gray, I love it all. So fun!

  10. Did you make the flower hair clip or did you buy that somewhere? I love it!

  11. It turned out so adorable! I have been eyeing that pattern, but got a couple others instead. Now I think I need that one too! I did try the ‘everyday coat’ pattern they have and it is so adorable, I made it for kids clothes week as well.

  12. I think this is amazing. I seriously want to make one for myself! Any ideas of where to find a pattern for adults?

    I blogged about your sweater here:

  13. I love this! I made one for my daughter but want to make her more! Yours turned out very cute!

  14. Oh my goodness this is adorable! The style is just too cute. Gray is one of my favorite colors. I love the way it looks with the jeans.

  15. I love it. It’s so cute! Added to my list…

  16. So Cute!! I just went to their site and ordered 4 patterns!

  17. I love it. You did a fabulous job.

  18. Oh, it’s adorable!

  19. I’ve given you a blogger award! I love your blog.

    Kallie @

  20. so cute jess, i love fleece!

  21. Soooo pretty. So sweet and soft. And I so want on for myself too!

  22. another awesome job! super cute!!!

  23. This was one of one of my favorite pics in the kids clothes week roundup. Very cute!
    – dana

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