no matter what look sadie may have had on her face in this picture,she made me do it.i swear. … [Read more...]

crafting, for hope.

you've probably heard about craft hope'setsy store by now...what an amazing way to help the haiti people. they've raised over $20,000 already for Doctors Without Borders. they're accepting donations again in a few weeks, and i'll be planning on donating some onesies, but for now, i did my part by purchasing a super cute, fun, and EASY mary jane … [Read more...]

crib book holder

alright! so here was the deal. since we got rid of sadie's bumpers, things (namely binkies, which i can't do anything about) have been falling out of her crib a lot more, and she's been wanting out of her crib earlier and earlier. to save mommy's sanity, i came up with this book holder for her crib, which (hopefully), will prompt some extra time … [Read more...]

a few sadie-isms

...the other day we went driving to look at lights with my family, and sadie would say,"whoa" or "wow" every time we'd see a house with lights. uh...cutest thing ever!...somehow this little stinker shoves her binky down INTO her footed pj's sometime during the night (or early morning), and it ends up down by her foot. what a weirdo! haha. but only … [Read more...]

christmas dress, redux

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monkey girl

oh didn't i tell you? sadie is a monkey now. … [Read more...]

skirt at the park

i made this skirt awhile ago but didn't get any (good) pictures of sadie in it, so we stepped outside this morning to give it another try. i ended up going back for my keys so we could take a walk, cause sadie took off for the park as fast as she could! that girl is a super walker. (to our happiness, and dismay)i made it out of a larger jean skirt … [Read more...]

sunny day

sadie had so much fun playing at the park today. my brother, sister, mom, and sadie and i took a picnic lunch to enjoy the sunshine! sadie had fun......being swung by grandma....drawing with sticks in the dirt. (the quintessential kid activity)...playing with the dirt....and pointing out the trees to everyone. she LOOVES trees. all i hear from the … [Read more...]

winter-ish dress and bangs

so finally we had another crafty night last night, so much fun! i made this little dress for sadie, and then helped joanna fix a dress she had...which ended up way cute!i made it with my peasant shirt pattern, from this tutorial, lengthening the sleeve length, shortening the bodice, adding some bias trim, and then making a quick gathered skirt for … [Read more...]


just so's you don't think sadie is this perfect child who always poses and smiles... here are some outtakes from this week's photo shoots!either she was just about to sneeze or wanted to show off her diaper to the neighbors. your guess is as good as mine!wondering if she'll get a cracker out of this.uh, sadie, camera's over here. (not that she … [Read more...]