Michael Buble - Just Haven't Met You Yeti heart this song...and the video makes me smile.a big giddy smile :Ddon't youwish we could all break into song and dancelike this once in awhile? … [Read more...]

monkey girl

oh didn't i tell you? sadie is a monkey now. … [Read more...]

walkie talkie

sadie is walking and talking a lot lately. she was kind enough to show off some of her vocabulary for me, so here is sadie and her words. except the word "more"...she wouldn't say that for me. which is weird, cause it's the word she says the most, especially when there is food involved.(don't forget to pause the music on the bottom)my brother gets … [Read more...]

first steps

so, exciting day yesterday. joanna and i went thrifting and i found a lot of great stuff, a few pairs of jeans, some skirts, a dress, a dollhouse for $15 (more on that later)....oh, and sadie took her first biggie.woo-hoo! we are so excited! now we will be chasing her and wrangling her away from stuff even more!just kidding. it really … [Read more...]

hat. baby.

I bought this hat a long time ago in the dollar section at Target. It was a cute color, and an impulse most $1 purchases are.Well, it finally fits her!Alas, she pulls it off every. time.What to do? (epiphany) Sew some straps on! It's not brain surgery folks. You can see the pieces I cut out in the picture above. I used the same fabric … [Read more...]

watch out world!

Sadie can crawl! … [Read more...]

Tada. An outfit I made a few days ago...that shirt was so frustrating. Never sew gathers with linen. ARRRH. I wanted to call my mom to help me, but it was like 10:30 at night. Another reason not to start a pattern at 8:30 at night. Oh well. The shorts were of course super easy so that made me feel better. I used the Simplicity pattern 4203 for the … [Read more...]

picnik and dada

I heart this picnik site. Too much fun! Today Sadie kept herself busy while Mom cleaned up around the house by emptying her toy basket. What a funny little girl! She thinks she is, she is always laughing to herself, it's so cute.I had crafting ADD today.During her morning nap I started making curtains for her room, then switched to making curtains … [Read more...]

Girls night out

Last night we partied hard. Boys left around 5 and we went crazy! Well, not really. We still had fun...we went to OD's for dinner, and took up the whole back room. They weren't that busy, I was surprised, but they haven't been doing dinner for awhile, so I guess that's why? We had quite the group! Joanna, Janae, Robyn (My uncle Shawn's cute new … [Read more...]

funny girl…

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