vintage feedsack dress

Pardon the interruption of Love week, please! Here’s the dress I made for Vintage/retro week on Project Run and Play. At least it’s red, right?

Anyways,  get ready for a plethora of pictures-cause Sadie was way into modeling for me that day and actually stood still a few times! Miracles happen.

I’ve had this fabric and have been waiting to make this dress for…well, forever. (or last November) I pretty much did a knock off of this American Girl doll dress. I pretty much want that doll Kit’s whole wardrobe. 
For Sadie I mean, not me. ( I lie! for me! for me!)
 I am pretty proud of this little dress. I made a Peter Pan collar for the first time…it doesn’t lay exactly right, but is pretty dang cute nonetheless.
Pretend Sadie is a child from the 30’s walking to school with her pail lunch. Can you picture it? Well, that’s why she’s holding a bucket, anyways.
 It zips up the back with an invisible zipper. One of these days I’ll do a little tutorial. They’re easier than you think! 
I’m just excited that the bias tape bands lined up!
I also did some…split sleeves, yes let’s call them that. They tie! agh! cute.
Some buttons up the front…she’s counting them…one….two…eight. (yep, eight comes after two, don’tcha know?)
I’m starting to FINALLY play with my camera settings and am loving the results.
She just had to pick the flowers-a girl after my own heart! She was telling me all about gardens the other day and how I had one. I denied it but she insisted. One day, sweetheart.
  She even let me braid her hair! I’m telling you, the stars aligned for this photo shoot.
Mommy-put dis in yoi hair!
What do you think?

Edit: Sorry! forgot to add where I found the fabric. I got it here, they have a great selection of feedsack fabrics. 🙂


  1. I LOVE IT!!!! Tute…please please pretty please with a cherry–okay who am I kidding??–and LOTS of chocolate on top??? 🙂

  2. Love, love, love it! And I’d love a tutorial too! 🙂

  3. Adorableness! Great pictures! Her hair looks darling in braids! I really like the sleeves and the shape of the dress. 🙂

  4. aaaaaaaah!!!!! That is the CUTEST dress I have EVER seen!!

  5. Awesome pictures and dress. I love that fabric too. Great job!

  6. Adorable dress, but unbearably cute with that adorable little girl in it. Well done!

  7. So cute!!!

  8. it is super sweet !!! i was wondering where people were getting inspiration for this challenge, American Girl doll is a great resource ~ thanks for sharing… & i have one question, did you use Liberty of London fabric for this dress? if not, where did you find the fabric?? thanks 🙂

  9. First of all i’m so jealous she let you braid her hair! My daughter doesn’t even have enough for a tiny ponytail and she refuses to wear headbands!

    Second, that is the cutest dress ever!! I want to make one really really bad! I LOVE peter pan collars but i’m kind of scared of them! Tutorial pleeeeaaaasssseeeeee!!!

  10. So, so sweet! I love everything about this little dress. And your pictures are gorgeous too.

    Oh, and I totally got the whole lunch pail thing even before you said that. 🙂 Super cute.

  11. Goodness, Jess! This is adorable! ADORABLE! I love all of the details… the sleeves, the collar, the buttons, the waistband. It’s too cute!

  12. that dress is beyond awesome! love all the little details. i’ve also been wanting to braid my kiddo’s hair because it’s crazy long and out of control but she won’t sit still long enough 🙁 i need some aligning stars over here, please!!!

  13. Very cute dress! You do such cute stuff all the time! You inspired me to make my own pattern for an apron and it turned out great! I am really wanting to make a skirt for myself but am scared of the zippers. I would love a tutorial for that! Thanks for all your inspiration!

  14. There are two things that are incredibly unfair about this post.

    1. I would love for that dress to be in MY closet.

    2. That weather wherever you live is WAYYYY too nice. I want to go to there.


  15. Oh, how I love that dress!!! What a great job! I, too, would love at least a basic idea of how to make it! My daughter got Kit and the inspiration dress for Christmas and I would love to make her something to match for this spring! And your little one is super cute!!

    You send it to my house and I send you some cupcakes. Yes? Yes.

  17. You really did an amazing job on that dress!!

  18. Love it!! SO cute!

  19. So adorable, both the dress and Sadie of course! I love all the photos

  20. such a sweet little girls dress. love it!

  21. I think this is my favorite dress ever. You have some made skills with all that bias tape.

  22. *swoon*
    I am with you on Kit. My daughter has the movie and they are just some of the most adorable timeless styles for little girls. Too bad my little girl is growing up! I think she would still love a dress like this but I can see this time ending 🙁

  23. this dress is fabulous! I am in love with the tie sleeves…and would also love that invisible zipper tutorial 🙂

    Great job!!! I will be posting my retro dress tomorrow on my blog – yeah! Ended up going with a 50’s route, as just last week had done the tute on Jackie O’s dress…doh!

  24. I am in love with this vintagey dress, and the cute Sadie wearing it!!!! Great Job!!!!

  25. Adorable dress and photos!
    The modeling will get easier!!
    My little girls are pros after a few years of modeling for me.

  26. Love this dress, and I kind of want Kit’s whole wardrobe for me too!

  27. That is seriously beyond darling! Truly. And your little girl in that dress…so cute. You did such a beautiful job on it.

  28. Wow, this is just adorable. I don’t know that I have the sewing skills to make it– but it you did a tute I would certainly try my best! 😉

  29. In love with this dress! Awesome job!

  30. It’s a good day when the model is agreeable! Love the dress….and the cute fabric. Fantastic job mom!! 🙂

  31. Oh my word! That is adorable! Nice work!

  32. I think this is my most favorite dress you’ve made…ever. Love the red, the bias trim, everything.

  33. Absolutely loved this dress…Believe it or not i have a similar plan in my head and got a pink printed fabric and will combine it with white fabric..Ur idea of splitting the sleeve is fantastic. And i will definitely try it!!! Thanks a lot!!

  34. This is the cutest, stinkin dress EVER!! I so love LOVE it!! You did such a great job!!!

  35. So cute, the dress and your adorable model!!

    Nice work!

  36. That is stinkin’ adorable! LOVE IT!!!! 🙂

  37. I have been reading your blog now for the past month and LOVE IT!! I’m in love with the dress and wish I can make it for myself.
    I’m new to sewing and haven’t made it to clothes making yet. 🙁
    One day.
    You have such a cute little girl! I actually squeal when I see her. I can’t wait to have kids!

  38. Holy Cow woman, you are a sewing maniac. I am madly impressed that those stripes lined up- I’m not inclined to getting that right!

    That truly is an awesome dress. I’m so glad you are still doing Project Run and Play stuff.

  39. Ok, just fyi: when I pulled this up in my google reader, it caused me to say a swear word. that’s how mind-bogglingly awesome this dress is. i’ve already bought the fabric (thanks for the link!) and am on my way to copying you exactly. don’t worry, I won’t blog about it, cuz that’s just cheap. But just know that an exact replica of what you’ve made is soon to be out there. well, except with the lined-up trim in the back. I’ve never once lined up something on either side of a zipper perfectly.

  40. Your little girl is adorable !!!! and the dress too congrats 😉

  41. Love the dress. Totally out of my league to make, but can I tell you how much I love the last picture???? So cute!

  42. This is so flippin’ adorable! I love the red! We don’t see enough of that. And fabulous bias tape skills, lady!

  43. really sweet dress.
    And please do a tutorial on zippers…I cannot get them right. they scare me!

  44. WOW! I can’t believe how much it looks like the inspiration dress!

  45. LOVE the fabric! LOVE the dress! LOVE looking at your adoreable little girl!! So, to sum it up, I LOVE IT!! 😀

  46. I am in love with this dress… You did an amazing job!! I need to make one for my little girl!! Did you take pics so you could do a tutorial please 🙂 ?!?!?!

  47. My daughter counts the same way… She gets to 3 and 8, 9, 10 comes next. Hahaha!

    Tute on invisible zippers is a yes? Oh please say yes!

  48. OMG…OMG…OMG… LOVE this dress!! I love everything about it. The fabric, the color, the peterpan collar, the sleves. It is truly adorable. You deserve a bit pat on the back.

  49. THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the awesomely sweet comments about this dress! I do have plans for a tutorial-so look out for that! I added a link to my fabric source to my post-sorry I always seem to space on that! Hope this answers some questions! thanks again!


  50. ADORABLE!!! Love the fabric and dress style. I just passed an award on to you 🙂

  51. Jess, this dress is lovely! The collar and the tied sleeves give it such an authentic look. And the red bias combines wonderfully with the fabric. Congrats! And… reading two posts back that you’ll do a tutorial just made me do a little cartwheel. Yippee! 🙂


  52. Holy cuteness batman!!!!! Please, please, puhhhhhllllleeeeeezzzze do a tutorial on the awesomness that is this dress. PLEASE!

  53. I just about fainted from cuteness overload – love it!!

  54. OMG Adorable! Can’t wait for a tutorial!

  55. Fantastic dress and what a great model you have, so lucky to have such a gorgeous little girl 🙂

  56. Beautiful dress! @e like Kit in our house too.

  57. Oh this is the absolute cutest! I love it!

  58. This dress is FANTASTIC!! I love vintage fabrics!!! Thanks so much for auditioning for OMTWI!!

  59. AMAZING dress and photos! So so cute!

  60. Easter dress, here I come!!

  61. SusanAnn Sheidy says

    You selfish, selfish woman to keep this pattern all to your self! I won’t make you cupcakes, I’ll make you 10 cakes for the pattern!

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