my adult-inspired knock off

I said I'd still do my ideas for Project Run and Play, and I always keep my word!Unless it pertains to not eating the rest of the chocolate cake or something...a girl's gotta have her chocolate. ANY ways....I chose this green and teal dress from Anthropologie. (of course)I found this perfect fabric, from Michael Miller called Ta Dot Lagoon. I got … [Read more...]


So, if you haven't heard yet, I was the first to go on Project Run and Play. :( I'm bummed, but it was so much fun! I loved the themes, and like I've said, I'll continue to do projects based on them!  At least my weekends will be less stressful now-haha! So I figured, why not share this next week's project? Here is my outfit for the Leila and … [Read more...]

Project Run and Play week one!

Hey all! My dress doesn't compare much with the competition's which are FAB! (I'm not even joking or trying to get compliments, that's the truth!) Vote here for your fav outfit on Project Run and Play here:!!!??? Thanks, all! p.s. We went through like, three photo shoots, so here is a … [Read more...]