chevron week on Project Run and Play-my look

Get ready for another barrage of photos!ย  Chevron week! So, let’s talk about chevrons. You either love them or you don’t. I am in the “love them” camp-so I was really looking forward to this theme! I also really wanted to alter the chevrons to give them a different look….so that’s where the piecing came in.ย 
It took 2 yards of the navy chevron fabric, painstakingly cut and pieced together, to make the arrow skirt. It was a labor of love-this skirt, with all of the piecing, the waistband, and hand stitching the hem-about 4-5 hours was spent just on the skirt. (and don’t I wish it came in my size! Maybe someday when the memory of all that piecing has faded away…)ย 
edit: Some people have asked why I hand stitched the hem…mostly because either white or navy stitches would have cut through both colored arrows, and broken up the look. I tried to stitch it as invisibly as possible from the back…you can still see it if you look closely, but I think it looked better that way! ๐Ÿ™‚
I created a wide, high waistband, with elastic in the back for comfort, and added some button tabs to the sides of the waistband for some interest. I just happened to have the perfect size of navy blue vintage buttons in my stash…love when that happens! It was a little sewing miracle.
I kept the vintage feel going with the sweet ruffled top. It was sewn with soft white cotton and I gathered three rows of serged strips to create the ruffled “yoke” on the front. It buttons up the front and has comfy elastic in the sleeves, also with a slight ruffle!
The headband is a two toned oversize bow that used up all the scraps-nothing was left to waste with the fabric I had! I was just excited that I was able to match the navy so well. Phew!ย 
Shoes, again from Old Navy! They had a great sale when I went in. ๐Ÿ˜‰

ย So here’s that extra bit of the outfit that I ended up leaving out-I just liked the look better without it. It’s a simple little bolero with some bias strips sewn on in a sunburst pattern, and a fun metal rimmed button holding it closed. I used this fabric in Raspberry, from Ribbon Retreat.

Also, a little bonus for your entertainment….the variety of Sadie faces we got in this shoot were incredible. LOL.ย 


  1. She looks like a modern Alice in Wonderland in these photos – nice job!

  2. Jess! I LOVE your look. It’s just so sweet and perfectly proportioned and SO well made. I love what you did with the chevrons- (yikes, I hear you on the piecing!) And you were so smart to edit the bolero. It’s a great piece, but you were right. It takes away from the impact of the look. Smart girl ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Oh my goodness, I am totally in love with this outfit…you’ve done an amazing job! p.s. the photo about halfway down of Sadie sitting on the grass and gazing at the daisies in her hand is beautiful…wish I could get shots like that (but then I am a complete beginner!)

  4. Great work on the skirt–really cute! And to find a field of daisies!!! I have to say the collection of photos at the end made my morning!

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous ! I might have made squealing girly noises the second I saw it in PR&P. Well done you!

  6. WOW! Absosultely beautiful. Already have this fabric and going to try something similar. Not sure why you hand stitched the hem…guess I’ll find out.

  7. I made an audible gasp when I scrolled down to your entry this morning. She looks like such a doll! The photos are just fantastic, and I can’t believe how much WORK you did!!! Well done!

  8. I LOVE everything about this! That skirt is so cool.

  9. This might be the cutest/dreamiest dress ever! Great job Jessica!

  10. So impressed!! When do you sleep?? =) It is so amazing!

  11. Adorable, as always, Jess!

  12. I really love how the seams on the little jacket set off the chevrons on the skirt. Some real thought went into that design and it shows!

  13. I love this look, once again! You did an excellent job piecing that skirt together. You are a rockstar in the craft world, Jess. So creative!

  14. Anonymous says

    This dress is absolutely adorable! Too bad it’s not in my size.

  15. Love it! Wish I had one in my size, too.

  16. I LOVE this dress!!! The chevron pieces and the band and the top, it’s all just GORGEOUS!! The big bow just tops the outfit off perfectly! Great job!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. The whole outfit and these pictures are just stunning! I love all of it – that wide waistband is so cute with the side pieces – they give it such god structure. That piecing is gorgeous, the shirt is so pretty and that bow? perfection!! Sadie looks so beautiful! Good job!!!!!!!

  18. In awe. I love your pieces chevron arrows.

    I am curious too as to why you hand stitched the hem. It looks amazing.

    What a great project!!!

  19. This is such a great look! I love your use of chevron to make it non chevron looking (not much of a fan). I would take one in my size too. All those hours were worth it!

  20. Absolutely beautiful outfit- wow! Love the faces at the end too hehe!

  21. I can’t imagine how much work that skirt was! fortunately it was worth it because it looks beautiful!
    (PS – I just voted for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. The collage of Sadie’s expressions – middle row, right side that says, “WHAT THE —-?!?!?!” – that is TOTALLY describing my day today.

    That said … the dress is amazing! I’m not even going to attempt the chevron piecing but could you do a tutorial or something on how to do the high/wide waistband? I love that look but I’m still very much a beginner.

  23. Gosh, I love this one, too! Jess for the win! ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree with Melissa – it really does have a modern Alice in Wonderland vibe. And I’d wear that skirt in a heartbeat.

  24. So adorable, very very cute on her

  25. Wow, this is really amazing! I love the way you pieced the skirt.

  26. So precious!! You did an amazing job on the dress and I love the headband/bow. Sadie is gorgeous and your photos came out so nice! Thanks for sharing!!

    Grace Kathryn

  27. So many “framer” photos in this shoot, Jess! And just an amazing outfit. So worth all the work you put in – it’s FANTASTIC!!

  28. this is amazing! it is screaming Alice in Wonderland to me for some reason? I am not sure why… maybe the big bow headband….

    It’s dreamy tho…. *sigh*

    [email protected]

  29. haha wait! i didn’t read the comments before I posted… I guess I wasn’t the ONLY Alice in Wonderland vote… LOL!


  30. I love how you did a different twist on the chevron fabric. I happened to find you from an apron post that was on Sew Can She as I went hunting for something there. I pinned your apron to my Pinterest-Aprons. When I looked to see what else you had more current, I found this. This is now on my Chevron board:

  31. This was definitely my favourite look (I voted!) — you have crazy talent! Thanks for being a sewing inspiration.

    And … yes to editing the bolero. Far more effective without, despite it being super cute.

  32. She reminds me of Alice in Wonderland!… So delicate and beautiful, I love it! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us!
    Olivia Xx

  33. She is so adorable and has grown so much! My12 year old daughter (and my 24 year old son) LOVE that book! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. I LOVE this outfit! The shirt is darling, and the way you switched up the chevron on the skirt is perfect. I love the extra-wide waistband with the button tabs. Love the jacket that didn’t make the cut too… and Sadie is just darling! =)

  35. Amazing outfit Jess! I want one in my size but I’m sure I don’t have the patience for the piecing. So gorgeous! And the pictures are dreamy and perfect. ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. So pretty, great job! I would love a skirt like that for me too…

  37. This is absolutely gorgeous! I voted for you I think you were the best by far this week!

  38. beautiful job! You’ve actually created chevrons with this look. What you started with (and what most people call chevrons) were actually zig-zags ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Oh my goodness, I am completely in LOVE with this dress!!! Do you have a pattern you followed, or did you design your own? I would love to try my hand at this… I am super impressed with your mad skills!

  40. Beautiful! She looks adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. You did it again! For me, you ‘stole the show’ with this outfit. I am not a fan of chevrons at all but I absolutely love your take on it. The skirt is beautifully full and the wider waistband is the perfect accent with the buttoned tabs. The blouse is right up my alley with the white cotton, ruffles and sweet sleeves. The whole outfit is charming. Your entry was again my favorite!

  42. Beautiful dress. your blog has really been motivating me to get sewing.

    Used your Charlotte dress and pleated yoke tutorials for my daughter’s Easter dress. Love how it turned out. Thanks for the simple instructions.

  43. I love love love your look this week! I think it is way better than the others. Keep up the fantastic work!

  44. excellent execution on the piecing! what a wonderful photo shoot, did you get a new camera? the photo of her sitting down in the grass with all the little white daisies is just precious and that bow in her hair is just too cute!

  45. Gorgeous! I love the pictures she looks so sweet and cheeky ๐Ÿ˜‰
    The bolero is darling too.

  46. Holy poo! Love, love, LOVE this dress. Way to go Momma!

  47. Congrats! Any chance we can get a tut on the sunburst bolero jacket? Beautiful outfit!

  48. Simply perfect!

  49. Absolutely Amazing Jess!!!

  50. Love the way you broke up the Chevron’s… a little less overwhelming for a little girl that way… lots of work for you though. Maybe you could have just used clear thread? You probably thought of that.
    Love the outtakes too… very cute.
    Tell your model she did a great job! lol

  51. Oh, I’m in love! L.O.V.E… This is too cute! I’m not a big fan of the chevron look, so I love the way you broke it up and made them look like arrows. I am tempted to make one for me and the little. I wonder if she’d go for matching mom?? Again, too cute! Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Just plain beautiful! Thank you for the post.

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